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Crystalized Shardgolem

Crystalized Shardgolem is one of the three possible lesser bosses in the Archives of Eternity, along with the <Augmented Fleshgolem> and <Relic Techgolem>. They are the defenders of the ancient knowledge contained in the library.

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This boss employs several skills during the encounter. Macro type 1 <Roundhouse> will inflict damage on targets in a specific direction of him, Macro type 1 <Haymaker> will focus damage on a single target, and Quaver <Fire Spear> will leave a debuff on targets located at a certain direction of the boss, reducing attack speed and increasing casting speed (can be removed by cleansing skills). He will also cast Backdraft I <Soul Absorption>, creating a <Soul Relic>, which will root, bind and silence a group member until destroyed. All the group should focus the relic to free the affected one.

His main abilities (and most dangerous ones too) are Cbt Pulled <Lightning Hook> and Mau Form I (Elyos) <Merciless Ruler>. Cbt Pulled <Lightning Hook> will pull six targets to him and decrease their movement speed. He will follow this with Staggered Rest <Soul Quake> (a delayed damage skill) and then Macro type 1 <Explosive Quake> (dealing massive damage to any target within range). If a player stands too near to the boss when Macro type 1 <Explosive Quake> goes off, they will receive the damage. The way to counter this skill is to run away as fast as possible from the boss as soon as they get pulled. After the skill, players will be paralyzed for a short amount of time.

Meanwhile, Mau Form I (Elyos) <Merciless Ruler> will be used after 50% of HP, and will transform a random target and the ones surrounding it into golems, friendly to the boss and enemies to the rest of the players. To avoid getting multiple people transformed, whoever is targeted must not be near anyone and should be avoided by other players. The effect will disappear after 20 seconds.

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