Crucible Spire Concept Art

Crucible Spire, also known as Tower of Challenge, is a solo instance for players of level 76 and above, introduced in the 5.6 patch. In this instance the player aspires to reach the top of a tower consisting of 24 floors, with each floor having its own set of enemies, challenges, and rewards. It was created by Lord Kaisinel/Marchutan to find capable Daevas who could aid in the fight against Ereshkigal.

Access[edit | edit source]

The instance automatically becomes accessible as soon as the players hits level 76. The entrance can be found in the Kaisinel Academy (Elyos) and Marchutan Priory (Asmodian).

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The first time players enter the Spire they automatically start at Floor 1. The goal is to clear each floor to advance to the next until they reach the top (Floor 24) before dying or running out of time (20 minutes), in which case they are thrown out of the instance.

Floors[edit | edit source]

The spire is divided into twenty-four floors. Some floors can be skipped entirely (denoted with red borders).

Floor Mobs Strategy
Skills Notes
Floor 1 <Chapire Shaman> x3 Take out the <Chapire Shamans> first and then proceed to dispose of the <Chapire Robbers>.
<Chapire Robber> x2
Floor 2 Denku Leafreader x3 Denku Leafreaders should be taken out first, and then Denku Scoundrels.
Denku Scoundrel x2
Floor 3 <Silicanimum of Memory> All <Improved Detection Devices> and the <Silicanimum of Memory> must be defeated to proceed. It should be possible to end end them in a few hits, but if it takes longer, its advised to remain mobile.
<Improved Detection Device> x3
Floor 4 Black Fin Searazor Black Fin Searazor will be immune to damage unless he receives the debuff from standing on the spots where the floor lights up. Otherwise a simple fight.
Floor 5 <Destroyed Panolem> It is recommended to start with the <Fragmented Panolem> (left), since it will use its skills first, followed by the <Destroyed Panolem> (right) immediately afterwards. This way, you can predict the second Panolem's attacks with ease.

When one is low on HP, the opposite one will attempt to heal them by a certain amount. This can be avoided by interrupting the cast by attacking them with enough damage.

<Fragmented Panolem>
Floor 6 Fireborn Metadon A simple fight. From this floor onward, the stat requirement increases with each floor.
Floor 7 Tog Leader
Floor 8 Blackheart Bollvig
Floor 9 Equitatus Warrior
Floor 10 <Steel Rose ScoutSteel Rose Scout (CS)> x3 Take out the scouts first, then focus on Tuakin.
Floor 11 <Tarhan Reinforcement> x2 Make sure not to attack when Reflect Damage/Magic Spell is up.
Floor 12 Weeping Wrathling x3
Floor 13 Heated Negotiator
Floor 14 Lazywing Sylphen x4
Floor 15 Warmage Suyaroka
Floor 16 Bloodthirsty Vampidaru x4
Floor 17 <Brigade General Tahabata>
Floor 18 <Greedy Kadena>
<Insect Egg> x2
Floor 19 Grove Guardian x3
Sanctuary Overseer x2
Floor 20 Remodeled Dynatoum
Floor 21 White Sinsye
Crafty Plateau Kirrus x3
Floor 22 Ganesh
Floor 23 Corrupt Bagatur
Floor 24 Fallen Sea Jotun

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • <Blackheart Rasberg'sBlackheart Rasberg> attack skill Breathtaking Pierce <Breathtaking Pierce> has a different animation from others; bats will appear once it is released.
  • Box type 6.gif <Crucible Spire's Hero Illusion Godstone Box> from the final floor would originally give out unique Godstones with other altered states never used before by these stones. This was scrapped and swapped with strengthened versions of already existing Godstones.
  • The instance originally featured 4-floor long sections instead of 2 floors per section. They were kept after 5.8, but some floors were replaced by new sections.
  • In 6.0 the amount of floors was reduced to 24, and a time limit was introduced.

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