Crucible Collesium

The Crucible Coliseum is the area inside Kaisinel Academy where players can access four group instances as well as two training grounds to improve their PvP skills.

NPCs Edit

  • Ambos (55) <Crucible Administrator>
  • Crucible Guard (55) <Crucible Defender>
  • Moeris (60) <Training Camp Instructor>
  • Poria (55) <Crucible Quartermaster>
  • Valdia (60) <Training Camp Instructor>
  • Liyre (55) <Veteran Divine Armor Merchant>
  • Marion (55) <Veteran Divine Armor Merchant>
  • Marre (55) <Divine Armor Merchant>
  • Scobi (55) <Divine Weapon Merchant>

Objects Edit

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