Crucible Coliseum

View of The Plaza of Struggle

The Crucible Coliseum is a set of battlegrounds introduced in 2.7. It features two arenas, each one with its own set up and rules, giving players an optimal and diverse PvP fighting ground. Like other battlegrounds, players are matched against others depending on their level and the amount of losing and winning matches they have experienced. As such, entrance is limited to certain times of the day.

Elyos may access them from Kaisinel Academy, and Asmodians from Marchutan Priory. Players gain access to them at level 76.

Backstory Edit

At first, created by the Daevas of Illusion following Kaisinel and Marchutan, the Crucibles were designed to act as training grounds for Asmodian and Elyos Daevas individually to empower themselves and prepare for the ultimate assault on the Balaur capital; Tiamaranta. However, as more soldiers began reporting the spawning of odd enemies inside, such as Balaur, extra-dimensional beings and even opposing faction members, an investigation was carried out.

As a result, Vanktrist, a sentient creature able to manipulate time and space at will, had created a rift connecting both Crucibles. As a result, the strange events took place. Seeing this as an opportunity for valuable practice for their forces, they opened the Crucible Colliseum, illusionary arenas which allowed Daevas to fight each other. Unknown for them, they are not exclusively battling their opposing race, but also their own, as well as alternative realities.

Access Edit

Entrance to arenas regular arenas is not restricted by anything but time of the day and the entries. During the appropriate time of the day, players may interact with the doors in the chamber and apply for their desired arena, just like any other battleground. Alternatively, they can be accessed from the Request Entry window.

Arenas Edit

There are two arenas available:

  • Arena of Discipline (1v1)
  • Arena of Harmony (2v2v2)

Each arena has several maps assigned to them, however, only three will be used at a time, randomly determined. The matches are composed of three rounds, which automatically end after few minutes of starting. Being a battleground, a player's score is determined by the points acquired. The highest the rank at the end of the three rounds wins the instance. During the match's third round, if a person is on the top of the ranking, a golden banner will appear on its name tag for others to differentiate them from the rest.

When an arena is first accessed and the fight is about to begin, the players will have three minutes to set up, each player being assigned a spawn point, surrounded by a shield, preventing any player from moving. Upon death, the player will remain in that state for ten seconds; which when expired, they will be automatically resurrected to a random respawn point.

While inside, players are unable to see its enemies' usernames. They will be featured as Contestant 1, Contestant 2, Contestant 3, and so on. Names are shown only at the end of the match by checking the ranking board.

During the matches Treasure Boxes will spawn across the fighting grounds. While not rewarding points, they will drop special consumables, only usable inside the Crucible. They include:

Arena of Discipline Edit

It is designed as a 1v1 battlefield, where a player will fight against another one. One may win the match by having the most points by the end of the third round, or by earning 14,400 points (automatically resulting in the end). Forfeiting the match will not reward the player anything, and the other player will be given the loser's reward.

Defeating an other player rewards 200 points, however, dying subtracts 100 points. This is only applicable to the first two rounds, as in the third round killing rewards double the points (400). Additional objects called <Blessed Relics> will randomly appear, rewarding 100 points to whoever collects them, as well as recovering their HP.

Maps Description

Abyss Bridge

This arena is a narrow bridge with several collapsed sections and stalagmites popping from it. Falling off it will result in the player's instant death when the bottom is reached.

The stalagmites are designed to be used as a way for players to interrupt casting skills due to line of sight. The broken sections of the bridge are dangerous to fight around, thus disabling Auto-Approach Target is highly recommended.

Collapsed Wind Tower An open flight battle zone, narrow but lengthy in height, with floating ancient debris. The bottom of the floor is covered in lava.

As such, standing on it will cause the player to lose HP every few seconds. Additionally, columns of fire will burst into the air, giving any player hit the Lava Eruption <Lava Eruption> debuff, sometimes knocking the target down and giving a damage over time. Some classes may use this to their advantage to activate Remove Shock I <Remove Shock I> and make use of their chained skills.

Red Sand Arena The smallest arena, with a circular shape, sloping to the center. Periodically, a mob will randomly spawn; either the <Red Sand Brax> or the <Red Sand Tog>. They will attack the players and disturb the battle with their special skills. Both will reward 100 points when defeated. They can however be distracted momentarily by smashing a barrel which spawns from time to time, allowing players to focus on their enemies rather than the mobs.

<Rend Sand BraxesRed Sand Brax> will use Massive Strike <Wide Area Stun>, stunning nearby players. While <Red Sand Togs> will use NPC spiralarrow g1 <Bite>, putting targets into a bleed state, and Terrible howling (NPC) <Bark (skill)>, putting the targets within 16m into a silence and bind state. Additionally, both mobs see through Stealth skills.

The Plaza of Struggle A wide circular arena with two stories accessed from two staircases, the upper floor being on the perimeter. From time to time, a lever will spawn in either of both levels, which can be used to ignite the opposite floor, resulting in the death of anyone standing there.

The northern part of the second level is walled off, while the southern one is not. The former gives melee classes and advantage in by abusing line of sight, while the latter allows ranged classes to attack with less limitations.

Arena of Harmony Edit

It is designed as an arena for three teams of two players each, with all teams fighting against each other. Additional objects called <Recovery Relics> will randomly appear, rewarding 400 points to whoever collects them, as well as recovering their HP.

Maps Description
Amphitheater Much like The Plaza of Struggle, a circular arena with two levels, with the second level in the periphery. Randomly, a lever will spawn in either of both levels. The <2nd Floor Bomb> (rewarding 200 points) will spawn in the middle, inflicting damage on targets on the second floor, while the <1st Floor Stunner> (rewarding 400 points) spawns in the upper floor, stunning and damaging those in the first floor.
Ancient Sandy Shrine This ancient rectangular temple, has been burrowed in sand. There are several pillars standing around this building, serving as another way for players to make use of line of sight. Some of them have collapsed and can be climbed up in order for players to have a clearer view of the arena. Certain sections are completely sank in sand, which will reduce movement speed of those standing on them.
Burning Lava Caldera The boiling insides of a volcanic crater. Here, players can only move across narrow paths, as the rest of the area is flooded in lava (while not an instant death, it is highly suggested to be avoided).

A big threat in this setting is the monster standing in the middle of the battlefield; <Heated Negotiator Grangvolkan>. While immobile, its skills may increase the difficulty of any PvP encounter. He will use Macro type 1 <Volcano's Echo> (releasing orbs of magma into the air, damaging any nearby enemies) and Macro type 1 <Volcano's Breath> (targeting an enemy, dealing heavy damage on it, as well as knocking them down and leaving behind a DoT).

Other mobs will also spawn from time to time for players to earn additional points:

Forgotten Labyrinth The inside of a collapsed building, under the rain. While it is mostly a set of corridors, there is courtyard in the middle. This last area is however coated in water puddles, which when walked on will reduce the movement speed of the character. The only enemies encountered, other than other players, are <Lurking Fangwings>, which can be found in packs, each rewarding 50 points.
Sky Aether Valley A deep crystal canyon, flight area. Players will spawn on small openings on the walls. In this arena, players will find floating mines; <Explosive Aether> (casts Macro type 1 <Explosion Flow>, causing damage on nearby enemies) and <Shock Aether> (casts Massive Strike <Flow of Shock>, stunning nearby enemies). Additionally, there will be Sky Loops, hovering rings which will reward 100 points when someone goes through them.
Trepone Floating Tower A hovering obelisk with two pathways entwined to it, both heading upwards on opposite sides. Certain broken parts of the tower can be used to enter the interior. There is a slow elevator placed in the middle, connecting the top and bottom. Falling off the arena results in an instant death.

Removed Arenas Edit

Arena of Chaos Edit

It is designed as an arena for a total of eight players who will fight each other. Additional objects called <Cursed Relics> will randomly appear, rewarding 1,750 points to whoever collects them, as well as recovering their HP.

Maps Description
Alquimia Culvert An extensive network of entwined narrow corridors similar in appearance to the ones from Alquimia Research Center, with a bottom level styled as sewers. Here, players will make use the sharp turns the hallways make when they wish to retreat or negate other contestants' attacks.

From time to time, a <Mutated Drakan Fighter> will spawn in the area, rewarding its killers 100 points. The sewers are partially flooded with waste. When walked on, players will have their movement speed drastically decreased.

Casus Ruins Reminiscent to the Kaliga Manor in Kromede's Trial, a central chamber with four staircases, connecting through small corridors to other annex rooms (similarly looking to certain rooms in Adma Stronghold).

This round's results is heavily influenced by the amount of monsters killed as there are a large amount of them available, rewarding varying amounts of points. The main room includes <Casus Manor Butlers> (rewarding 650 points) and <Casus Manor Monks> (750 points).

In the rooms there will be <Casus Manor Maids> (250 points), <Casus Manor Maidservants> (250 points) and, <Pale Carmina> (1,500 points).

Collapsed Wind Tower An expanded version of its counterpart from the Arena of Discipline, a flight battlefield. Players spawn at its summit and then may fly down.

Unlike the alternative, this arena features more functions. They include Flight Time Rings in the middle of the bottom level, Aether Vortexes (allowing transportation to another spot on the map) and two Cannons on both sides in the middle level.

Decayed Garden A circular arena, with its center and periphery located on hills, separated by a lake of goo. Stepping on the goo will considerably slow the person down, as well as decreasing their accuracy.
MuMu Farm A wide arena, mimicking a Skurv farmland. It is separated into four quarters with small trails separating them. In the middle of each, at the start of the match, there will be either an <Ore of Life> or an <Ore of Mind>, requiring 350p on Essencetapping, rewarding its gatherer 1,250 points for each node, as well as a Crucible Coliseum Life Serum <Crucible Coliseum Life Serum> and a Crucible Coliseum Mana Serum <Crucible Coliseum Mana Serum> respectively.

Additionally, there will be mobs spawning from time to time, serving as an alternative way to obtain points

The Plaza of Struggle An expanded version of its counterpart from the Arena of Discipline. A larger circular arena with two levels, the upper one in the periphery and the rest in the center, with four staircases connecting them. As a way for users to make use of line of sight, there are several walls placed around the battlefield.

Arena of Glory Edit

It is designed as an arena for four players who will fight against each other. Due to the high requirements to take part on this match, this is considered as an elite-only battlefield. Additional objects called <Blessed Relic> will randomly appear, rewarding 500 points to whoever collects them, as well as recovering their HP.

The fighting zones available for this arena are the same ones available for the other arenas. They are however slightly adjusted to match with the amount of players involved.

Rewards Edit

Quantity of GP and AP rewarded varies depending on the arena and final rank of the players. They are automatically awarded to the contestants when the matches end.

Trivia Edit

  • The Coliseum first started in 2.7 with only two arenas; Arena of Discipline and Arena of Chaos. It was later, by 3.5, that Arena of Harmony and Arena of Glory were introduced. Arena of Chaos and Arena of Glory were removed after 6.0.
  • Each arena featured a Training Ground version. These additional instances shared the same maps as their counterparts. However, their entrance was not limited and offered no rewards. They were solely meant for players who wished to practice or have pre-arranged duels.
  • Players used to be able acquire a series of titles through the completion of quests related to the Arena of Glory, involving obtaining a high position at the end of all rounds.
  • Originally, Arena Ticket <Arena Tickets> were required to enter the Arena of Discipline and Arena of Chaos, and a Arena of Harmony Ticket <Arena of Harmony Ticket> to enter the Arena of Harmony. This however was changed in 5.1, removing the tickets and making the instances entry-based.
  • Ever since their introduction up to 6.0, with each patch, a new different level bracket would be added to arenas, separating endgame players from those who had not reached it yet.
  • Participating on arenas would reward Courage Insignia <Courage Insignias> (level 51-65) or Valor Insignia <Valor Insignias> (level 66-75). These tokens could be exchanged for gear or other convenient consumables. The losing player would also receive Opportunity Token <Opportunity Tokens> to acquire special consumables only usable inside the instances.
  • Arena of Harmony and Arena of Discipline are two categories for Competition Ranking.
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