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Crucible Challenge (CC) was a solo instance for players of level 46 and above. Introduced in the 2.6 update, it could be accessed from the Marchutan Priory in Pandaemonium (Asmodian Logo small Asmodian) or Kaisinel Academy in Sanctum (Elyos Logo small Elyos). The instance was composed of several rounds and stages, themed after existing instances and regions, which take place within a circular battlefield.

The main interest in the Crucible Challenge were the Crucible Insignia <Crucible Insignia>. These tokens could be obtained in increasing quantities based on one's performance, and could be exchanged for a variety of goodies outside the instance, including costumes, an auto-loot pet and godstones among others. In its early days this instance was also a potential source of Manastones, which then were a lot harder to obtain.

Resurrection skills will not work inside the instance. Dying during a match results in the end of the instance, unless the player is in possession of a Order <Worthiness Ticket>, obtained after the first stage.

With the 5.6 update a new type of crucible, the Crucible Spire, was introduced to replace this instance. In the 6.0 update the Crucible Challenge was removed from the game.

Backstory Edit

With the advance into Balaurea progressing, Marchutan and Kaisinel had a premonition of their troops suffering a disgraceful defeat against Tiamat's forces. Their only hope was to strengthen up their Daevas' fighting capabilities to brighten up their fate. As a result, within the capitals, a new sanctuary was inaugurated.

These temples would be home to the Crucible, a massive system of clever illusions to force Daevas into the most dangerous experiences and learn from them; from fighting other Daevas to the naturally threatening settings of Balaurea. However, a mysterious creature called <Vanktrist Spacetwine> has crossed the boundaries between dimensions, distorting space within the Crucible and creating infiltration portals between both Crucibles, making the enemies found inside not always mere illusions.

Quests Edit

Tango quest icon <A Challenging Challenge> [55]
Tango quest icon <A Question of Protocols> [55]
Tango quest icon <A Rift Adrift> [55]
Tango quest icon <Catching the Rift> [55]
Tango quest icon <A Private Exercise> [55]
Tango quest icon <A Change in Programming?> [55]
Tango quest icon <Illusion or Infiltration?> [55]
Tango quest icon <A Rift in the SpaceTwine Continuum> [55]

NPCs Edit

StageRoundOption AOption B
Stage 11<Contorted Malodor> (5)
Stage 1 2 <Grissel of Verdure>
Possible spawn:
<Grissel's Branch> (1-3)
Stage 21<Tirratirra>
<Graceful Mira>
<Beautiful Himara>
<Trainee Shoruken>
<Trainee Attatuken>
Stage 2Bonus<Poppy on the Run>
<Dukaki Cook> (10)
Stage 3 1 <Starved Karnif> (5)
<Head Greentooth>
<Thirsty Bladestorm Spirit> (5)
Stage 3 2 <Poison Deadly Drakuni> (6)
<Fiery Gomju>
Possible spawns:
<Gomju's Minion> (2)
Stage 4 1 <Kaliga's Servant> (3)
One of the following:
<Hamam the Torturer>
<Justicetaker Wyr>
<Lady Angerr>
<Dukaki Guard> (3)
One of the following:
<Bossman Nukiti>
<Drudgelord Kakiti>
<Research Center Chairman MuMu Ham>
Stage 42<Kaliga the Unjust><Hamerun Leechsoul>
Stage 4 Bonus <Administrator Arminos>
Conditional spawns:
<Pet Kirca>
<Pet Manduri>
<Pet Starcrab>
Stage 5 1
One of the following:
One of the following:
Stage 5 2
One of the following:
One of the following:
Stage 6 1 <Vanktrist Spacetwine>
Possible spawns:
<Weakened Dimensional Vortex> (2-3)
Stage 6Bonus <Rank 5 Elyos Soldier Odos> (Asmodian)
- or -
<Rank 5 Asmodian Soldier Mediatec> (Elyos)
- and -
<Trainee Shoruken>
<Trainee Attatuken>
<Tiamat Assassin>
<Marchutan Templar Apprentice>
<Marchutan Assassin Apprentice>

Walkthrough and Strategy Edit

Stage 1 Edit

Round 1
Backing up at the beginning of the round will allow the opportunity to fight the Malodors one at a time without aggroing the others. After killing two, an additional two will spawn. Watching aggro here will make it fairly easy to fight these one at a time as well. Rest between fights if needed.

Round 2
Kill Grissil, who has a chance to spawn Grissil's Branch(es) when under 25%. Either kill the add(s) or continue to kill Grissil. The Branch(es) will despawn when Grissil is dead. A chest will appear containing a Order <Worthiness Ticket> at the end of the round.

Stage 2 Edit

Round 1
Both options of NPCs will attack each other. While it may seem like a good idea to let them kill each other, it is not. Get as much damage on them before they turn their attention. Aggro Tirratirra first and get her close to death, then chose one of the two birds to fight. The birds will finish her off. If fighting the kerubs, immediately attack one to delay them getting their attack buff. Kill one and then the other.

Bonus Round
Keep Poppy on the Run alive until the timer expires. Poppy runs randomly around while Kobolds try to catch him for their next meal. Killing or aggroing each cook as they appear prevents them from attacking Poppy. Alternatively, healing classes can heal Poppy through the damage. After saving him, Poppy's Present appears and provides a reward.

Stage3 Edit

Round 1
Attacking the <Aether Barrel> or <Meat Barrel> will lure and distract the spirits or karnifs. Then it is possible to pull them one at a time. Destroying the Barrel when it reappears continues to distract the NPCs. Shortly after killing three, the boss will appear. Whihazad cast silence, so be ready with a healing potion to dispel it. Head Greentooth has hard melee attacks, so healing or potions may be helpful.

Round 2
Fiery Gomju will appear, but waiting a moment while he AoEs to kill the six Poison Deadly Drakuni will avoid early damage. After 50%, he may cast a shield and does not attack while the shield is up. The shield blocks all damage except for DoTs. He may also spawn two Gomju's Minions before or after casting his shield.

Stage 4 Edit

Round 1
The spawns will be in a T shape and can easily be pulled one at a time. Kill the boss last, as he will call in the other mobs otherwise.

Round 2
Kaliga will use stuns, pulls and summon two bloodwings to help him. Hamerun will use debuffs.

Bonus Round
There is a choice of three chests. Two contain Crucible Insignia <Crucible Insignia>s, one will spawn one of Arminos' pets. The first set of chests may contain 1 insignia, 10 insignias or the Pet Kirca. The second set may contain 2 insignias, 18 insignias or the Pet Manduri. The last set of chests may contain 3 insignias, 26 insignias or a Pet Starcrab. If you get all three pets, one last chest will appear that contains 250 Crucible Insignia <Crucible Insignia>s.

Stage 5 Edit

Round 1
One of the Skill trainers will spawn. Macus or Kalsten (warrior) rely on Weakening Severe Blow I <Weakening Severe Blow I>, Robust Blow I <Robust Blow I> and then Divine Blow when under 50%. Hygea or Lyfjaberga (priest) will use Thorny Skin, Weakened Holy Servant, Hallowed Strike I <Hallowed Strike I>, and then Infernal Blaze I <Infernal Blaze I> after 50%. Word of Wind I <Word of Wind I> and Healing Light I <Healing Light I> are used as they are closer to death. Eumelos or Thialfi (scout) will use Hide I <Hide I> - so dot them if you can or use a Seed Seed of Detection. They use Entangling Arrow I to slow speed. Bellia or Ve (mage) will cast Robe of Cold I <Robe of Cold I>, and at 50% use Chain of Earth I <Chain of Earth I> and its follow-up Stone Shock I <Stone Shock I>. When under 25%, they can cast a sleep lasting 15 seconds and summon a fire spirit.

Round 2
A merchant NPC will spawn. Berus or Genoti use Godstone Pride which raises their attack speed and Eio's Tears to lower your attack speed. At 50% he uses Orissan's Blood to poison you for 15 seconds. Angparinerk or Paepaerunerk will self buff and at 50% uses a stun than cannot be removed. He will also use a self heal to bring his HP back up to 50% if not defeated fast enough. Bustant or Roskva will use self attack buffs and an attack speed buff when under 50%. Running attacks are useful here. They can self heal bringing HP back to 50% if not defeated fast enough.

Stage 6 Edit

Round 1
Vanktrist Spacetwine uses Assault <Young Space Twist> and Void Flame to stun and damage. At 75% he uses Earthgrab npc <Gravitational Shift> to slow your speed. At 50% he uses the Young Adrift skill for damage. At less than 50% he summons three vortexes that are easily defeated. Vanktrist is able to be CC'd, so use that to buy time to heal or get mana if needed.

Bonus Round (Quest is required to enter)
After five successful defeats of Vanktrist, a rift portal appears which allows access the bonus area. You will either fight a) the Tiamat Assassin for the rewards of fluxes, Balic items, enchantment stones, or manastones, or b) an opposing faction enemy for fluxes, enchantment stone dust, manastones or Crucible Challenge Godstones.

Rewards Edit

Completing the instance will reward the player with Crucible Insignia <Crucible Insignia>s. The quantity is determined by the score acquired by the end of the instance, which is acquired from passing the different rounds.

Crucible Challenge Godstones Edit

Uniquely available by defeating an opposing faction enemy, there is a possibility to obtain one of the following Godstones:

Poppy on the Run Edit

If Poppy on the Run survives the onslaught of Dukaki Cooks in the bonus round, you will get a Poppy's Present chest. The chest will reward one of the following:

You can to feed the snacks to the purchased Runaway Poppy Pet to obtain one of the following potential rewards:

Trivia Edit

  • This instance is described as a secondary Empyrean Crucible; being its continuation.

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