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Travel to Verteron and gather at least 6 Iron Ore. Return to Sanctum and use an Weaponsmithing table to convert the ore into Iron Ingots. Return to Anteros to complete.

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"Very well. Now, creating a weapon is no simple feat. It requires hard work, dedication, time, and knowledge. Many Daeva falter when they realize just how much effort is required.
First you must make an ingot. This is a simple block of metal that you will later need to process to create your first weapon.
Feel up to the task, [Player Name]?"

Reward Dialogue Edit

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Anteros has been growing concerned that young Daevas are not persistent enough to learn how to craft weapons.

He complained that they just give up as soon as they face a problem. He asked you to make three steel ingots so you could start learning Weaponsmithing. You processed the iron ore you gathered and took the three steel ingots you made to him.

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  • As with any crafting quest, you don't have to convert the material yourself. Simply purchasing the materials from the Auction House or having another player convert it for you is sufficient to complete the quest.
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