Lorando advised you to foster courage in order to keep your composure in any situation. Build courage by hunting Ruby Keraton.

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The Ruby Keraton are located south of Kellan's Cabin in Musphel Gate heading towards Taran's Cavern. Kill 10 of them and return to Lorando.

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"What do you think is the most important attribute in a hunter? Actually, this question isn't just for hunters. It's a question for all who have to fight.
The answer, of course, is courage. The presence of mind and to react properly in any situation. If you have courage, you can survive with just your bare hands."
1 "Courage is certainly important."
"What helped me build courage were Ruby Keraton.
Even before I ascended, I hunted them. Sometimes they'd turn on me at the last moment of the hunt, and fear would rise up so strongly that it threatened to paralyze me.
The very size of those beasts! But each time I overcame that fear, my courage grew. [Player Name], are you ready to hunt Ruby Keraton as I did?"

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"You are one of the gifted ones, [Player Name]. Improving yourself is critical, and you understand that.
Hunt 10 Ruby Keraton.
You will find your courage growing with each victory."
X "The task is mine"

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"Are you afraid of the Keraton? [Player Name], you may be more fainthearted than I originally thought.
Well, most of today's young Daevas are timid...I suppose the Temple doesn't teach Daevas like they used to.
Well, I can't convince you then. Just go on your way."
X "I'll come back if I reconsider."

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"So, do you think you have become more courageous after hunting the Ruby Keraton?
If you are calm, you can think your way through almost any challenge. Daevas as talented as you will go far with the right kind of training, [Player Name].
Tell me how it went."
1 "I did as you asked...."
"Admirable. I hope you have learned something valuable.
It was a pleasure for me to train such a talented Daeva.
This is my gift to you. Keep it."


Lorando said that the best way to keep your composure while hunting or fighting is by building courage. He suggested that the best way to foster courage is by hunting Ruby Keraton.

As he suggested, you went Mt. Musphel entrance and hunted Ruby Keraton to foster courage.

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