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Cook Bakaki

Cook Bakaki is the final boss of Kumuki Cave in Kumuki Base. She is the Kobold charge to prepare dinner for the group. The instance's timer will end when the she is killed.

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Fighting Cook Bakaki can be quite a challenge for certain classes due to its high HP pool and the additional monsters spawned as the battle wears on. His only skills are Macro type 1 <Flamecrush>, a hard hitting single target attack, as well as Macro type 1 <Brandish Dipper>, a frontal AoE attack. During the fight, additional Kobolds will be summon to his aid; a single <Kumuki Seeker> (can be disposed of by using Fear Shriek I <Throw Fear Grenade> on it) and four <Kumuki Butchers> (which can be countered by paralysing them with Stun altered state <Throw Stink Bomb>). They all disappear after a few seconds of being spawned, however their combined damage can be fatal.

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