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You agreed to deliver a Mau document to Commander Suthran for the Mau Emissaries, who came to the Fortress hoping to make peace with Asmodae.

Quest Information[]


  • Talk with <Itu>.
  • Deliver the document to <Suthran>.
  • Tell Itu what Suthran said.


Basic Reward[]


<Emgata> is located outside the west gate of Altgard. He has you speak to Itu, who gives you a document to give to Suthran, who is inside the first building on the left. Speak with him then return to Itu for your reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Kuhuu kuu kwang kwang!"
1.png "Er...what?"
"Kuhuu kuu!"
(It holds out a scrap of parchment.)


(It smiles as you take the parchment, pointing at the Mau interpreter.)
X.png ""


(You brush the paper aside. It looks disappointed.)
X.png "Sorry, I don't speak Mau."

Intermediate Dialogue[]

"May you receive the blessings of your ancestors!
Emgata, the Red Mane tribe's Emissary, requests a favor.
We've come to speak with the fortress commander, but he doesn't seem to have the time for us.
Please, will you deliver this document to Commander Suthran?"
1.png "What is it?"
"We represent the Red Mane Mau living in the Beluslan area.
We understand the troubles you have had with the Black Claw Tribe.
We of the Red Mane Tribe, however--we wish to make peace, you see. Please. deliver the document to Suthran. We must meet with him."
1.png "I'll do what I can."
"They sent a document? After I made it clear that I wouldn't hear them? How arrogant!
I won't read it. It's sure to be full of babble.
You seem to have taken a personal interest in the matter. If it's so important to you, why don't you tell me what it says?"
1.png "Well, basically..."
"So the Mau are at odds within, are they?
They clearly wish to be at peace with the winning side. When we've wiped out the Black Claws though, they'll turn against us, just you mark my words.
Well, I won't hear of it. Your feeble mind may be fooled by this drivel, but I won't live to see us taken down."
1.png "I'll let them know."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Did you deliver the document?
What did Commander Suthran say?
Please, we're desperate for peace."
1.png "I gave Suthran the letter, and..."
"What?! Infiltration?!
Oh, is that what it's come to? Then there truly is no hope.
We can't go back to the Red Manes with nothing to show for our efforts. We were so sure we'd be heard..."


At the request of Mau Emissary Emgata, you delivered a Mau document to Fortress commander Suthran.

Suthran suspected a trick, however, and made it clear that he would not make any treaty with Sapiens. Emgata was very disappointed at Suthran's refusal.


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