Type Fuction Mouse Keyboard I Keyboard II
Move Move Forward Left click W
Move Back S
Move Left Q
Move Right E
Action Walk / Run
Sit / Stand
Auto run NumLock
Talk with npc Double left click/ Right click
Use item
Buy and Sell
Request Trade Right click the target to choose options Shift + T
Invite friend /friend + Name
Flying Spread Wings PageUp
Fold Wings PageDown
Vertical Ascent R
Vertical Descent F
Gliding Start / End SPACE
Flying height lock Scroll Lock
Angle Change angle Press right button to spin
Spin Left A
Spin Right D
Reset angle Click the Wheel
Zoom In / Out Scroll the Wheel
Screenshot Print Screen
Window Main Menu F10 Alt + F10
Inventory Window I Alt + I
Quest Window J Alt + J
Skill Window K Alt + K
System Window O Alt + O
Profile Window P Alt + P
Guild Window G Alt + G
Macro Window U Alt + U
Friend Window V Alt + V
Personal Shop Y Alt + Y
Alliance Window L Alt + L
Region Map M Alt + M
Transparent Map N Alt + N
1:1 Help Window H Alt + H
Hidden / Show UI F12
Hidden / Show other players shift + F12
Cancel Esc
Combat Normal attack the target Double left click C
Select the nearest ally F7
Select the nearest enemy Tab
Choose the nearest target F8
Select yourself F1
Select other party members F2-F6
Peace Mode / Attack Mode X
Soul Attack On / Off B
Weapon Switch Shift + Z
Quickbar 1~12 Num 1~+
First Extra Quickbar 1~12 Alt + Num 1~+
Second Extra Quickbar 1~12 Ctrl + Num 1~+
Select Quickbar Line Shift + Num 1~0
Chat Whisper /Name /W Name
Reply to whisperer T
Normal Chat /S
Region Shout /Y
Party Chat /P
Guild Chat /G
Keep the Party Channel /PP
Keep the Guild Channel /GG
Hide/ Display Chat Area Shift + ~
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