Consumables are items which disappear after use. These are usually Potions, Scrolls, Food and Skill Books.

Consumable Types Edit

Item Type Image Description
Potions Life Serum Potions assist players by allowing them to recover health, mana, flight time, and in some cases to remove abnormal conditions.
Job Supplies Odella Powder Job supplies are required for certain skills, such as Odella Powder for Mana Treatment, and are consumed when the skill is used.
Food and Drink Fried food Food and drink items benefit the adventurer in various ways. They can buff recovery rates, increase physical and magical abilities, and in some cases can transform players into other creatures.
Power Shards Power Shard When equipped and activated (B), power shards increase the effectiveness of your weapon attacks.
Scrolls Scroll Like food, scrolls apply a variety of effects on a character. These can be defensive or offensive effects or can increase running speed or flight time. Some scrolls even have the ability to teleport you from one place to another.
Kisks and Resurrection Stones Group Kisk Kisks are mobile Obelisks. Resurrection stones allow players to revive their fallen comrades.
Dye Dye Blue These items allow you to change the color of your Armor and Head Gear.
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