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Construction was one of many crafting professions available in Aion. It was introduced with the 3.0 update, being the first new crafting discipline to be added to the game since its launch. It allowed players to craft items pertaining to the game's Housing system: furniture pieces, food tables, and other items that are used to decorate the interior and exterior of homes.

It required the same ingredients as the cooking, handicrafting and tailoring professions. For more information see Gathering. The added difficulty came from the fact that Construction requires various grades of Construction Fluxes, only obtainable from Hearthblooms and pets. Due to this it initially was a very costly discipline to level.

With the 6.0 update this profession was removed from the game.

Recommended Classes: n/a

Learning Construction[]

If you are serious about construction you should acquire a studio home at the very least and stock up on Construction Flux Hearthblooms. Water them everyday to receive Construction Fluxes. You will be given many fluxes at random, mostly Lesser and Minor, but you also have a chance to receive Greater and Major fluxes, something you'll want to keep for later on. Keep in mind it is an expensive profession to master (Particularly past 400p+).

Gathered resources are very important for design ingredients past 400p. You should probably consider picking up both Essencetapping and Aethertapping early on (Essencetapping more so) if you are considering Construction crafting whilst leveling, so that you don't fall behind.

It is strongly suggested to visit Inggison (for Elyos) or Gelkmaros (for Asmodian) or Reshanta fortresses (different morphs are sold in different fortresses) to purchase morphing designs (Manzu or Drupa and Lisconsis or Plia) at your earliest convenience, and start morphing because you will need a lot of them.

1p - 399p Repeat Work Orders provided by your Construction Master, the items required can be bought from the Furniture merchant.

399p - 400p See your Construction Master and complete the "Step Toward Expert Constructor (399p)" quest and pass both expert tests. You will be asked to craft a Undin's Plush Chair and a Processed Fasimedes' Chair (you can either attempt to proc the cheaper version or craft the originally requested version). These recipes are available for sale at the Furniture merchant, under the 'Quest' tab and are one-time use only.)

400p - 449p Purchase the appropriate proficiency level designs from your Furniture merchant (Drenite clumps, Beshu/Nenana Candles, Nanyu Furniture). These will require your own resources!

The suggested way to skill up past 400p is as follows:

400-430p Drenite Clumps

430-449p Manzu/Drupa Candles (Asmodian) or Beshu/Nenana Candles for Elyos. 

You may wish to join the Wrights of Dawn Order about now (found in the Pandaemonium and Sanctum as well as the housing zone), they offer daily quests that ask for the designs you'll be crafting from now on, and the rewards are useful ingredients/supplies.

450-460 Speak to your Construction Master to proceed to craft 450p+. From now on, you are going to have to buy the "Design: [Type B] Balaura Reward (Or [Type B] Bravery Medal for Elyos) from the Furniture merchant's quest tab, you will need Tough Rawhide, Major Elemental Stones, Greater Aether and a prototype item sold by said Furniture merchant. This again is very expensive because you will have to buy the design repeatedly as it's one time use only.

460+ Craft Charming Liconsis or Plia flowers for Asmodian / Charming Hintera or Charming Zeldt flowers for Elyos.

A full list of obtainable Construction designs can be found here .

Work Orders[]

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Strong Construction[]

There is a random chance that a Construction craft will produce a Strong version. These pieces of furniture are a different color than their normal counterparts, providing variety when decorating a home.

Gatherable Materials for Construction[]

Metal, wood, fruit, plant fibers, and aether are the primary materials used in Construction. By keeping both Essencetapping and Aethertapping leveled, a crafter will be able to keep a steady supply of materials on hand for constructing furniture.

Level Asmodian Elyos
Raydam (10p) Mela (10p)
Iron (15p)
Tikel (25p) Ruko (25p)
Tecoma Log (30p) Betua Log (30p)
Otombliss (50p) Rubus (50p)
Ringa (90p) Caprauna (90p)
Titanium (100p)
Wrud Log (110p) Koa Log (140p)
Twisp (120p) Fess (150p)
Vinna (135p) Wiki (110p)
Kirka (180p) Omblic (165p)
Adamantium (200p)
Brommel (240p) Meon (220p)
Salix Log (250p) Ulmus Log (250p)
Xilix (260p) Sobi (235p)
Pressa (275p) Ormea (260p)
Orichalcum (300p)
Merone (325p) Tange (325p)
Anathe (330p) Linon (335p)
Asvata Log (340p) Egrasi Log (345p)
Kukar (355p) Ervio (355p)
Leopis (390p) Lunime (385p)
Nex (399p)
Expert / Master
Drenite (400p)
Korie Log (410p) Nanyu Log (480p)
Manzu (430p) Nenana (435p)
Hoca (470p) Prolix (415p)
Drupa (480p) Beshu (490p)