Conquest Offerings are a feature introduced in 4.8, aimed for players of level 65 and above. It serves as a way for players to acquire Conqueror Mark.gif <Conqueror's Marks>.

Special monsters of level 65 spawn in Inggison and Gelkmaros, which, upon being defeated, will drop bundles containing Conqueror Mark.gif <Conqueror's Marks>. These tokens can be exchanged for gear of the appropriate level.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Tiamat, the fifth of the Dragon Lords, had performed several evil deeds across her lands. Between them, the destruction of several sapien villages and herds of wildlife. However, she used this chance to catch them and treat them as a secondary army she had trained. However, upon her death, this project was discontinued.

The shaking caused by the sinking of the Balaurean regions broke the remaining defences from these creatures, setting them free in their former home regions; Inggison and Gelkmaros. Being more powerful than the typical menaces of these regions, Daevas were advised to watch out for their activity.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

Conquest Offerings, the mobs, have pre-selected spots in which they spawn, usually in cliffsides, platforms or corners. In these spawn points, located all across both areas, any kind of mob may appear, varying in race and grade.

They are easily identified as they will be the only monsters of level 65 and common grade, with a Conquest Offering title. They will also have a much larger HP pool than mobs of the same grade. Certain classes will have a much easier time against these beasts than others, thus some may choose grouping up with other players to take them down.

A pop-up message will appear from time to time when a Conquest Offering spawns nearby the player's location. It reads "You feel a strange presence around you". Upon finding one of them, these mobs will have one random buff, boosting its magical defence, physical defence, magical attack or physical attack.

Grades and races[edit | edit source]

These creatures come in different grades, with varying difficulty and the respective rewards.

  • Conquest Offering (Regular): The most common and lowest difficulty. Will reward a single box, which when opened will give its owner a single Conqueror Mark.gif <Conqueror's Mark>.
  • Recluse Conquest Offering: A rarer kind, with triple the HP of the regular Offering. This mob will reward its defeaters three bundles, each one rewarding a Conqueror Mark.gif <Conqueror's Mark>.
  • Dynamic Conquest Offering: The rarest spawn. As their name suggests, this category covers a variety of possible set ups to battle these beasts. Some will require large forces (due to their strength, acting as proper world bosses), others will be constantly sprinting at a very high speed and others will reset after a few seconds, requiring the player to slay it within a very short time. Unlike the other types, these mobs will despawn after a set amount of time. They will drop greater tiers of the mentioned bundles, and therefore awarding higher amounts of Conqueror Mark.gif <Conqueror's Marks>.

Conquest Offerings will come in many shapes, sometimes as wildlife, others as sapiens. While wildlife is randomised, the sapien race which a player may find is determined by the zone they are in. If the player is in Gelkmaros, the sapiens will be Strigiks. While if the player is in Inggison, they will be Shulacks.

This is relevant to take notice as the sapien Conquest Offering, when defeated, will spawn a Secret Portal, a rift which allows the players to randomly be transported to another Offering spawn point. This portal may sometimes be connected to a location the player has already visited or one without any mob.

Wildlife Conquest Offerings will instead sometimes spawn Shugo NPCs. Upon interacting with them, they will give a player a powerful, but low duration, buff. This random buff may boost the player's attack and casting speed, offensive attributes, defensive attributes or movement speed. The offensive buffs should be most wisely used when a player knows the location of a nearby Conquest Offering. The Shugo will instantly disappear after the player receives the buff. Wildlife Conquest Offerings may also not spawn anything at all, which is the most common result.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The main reward for this activity is turning in Conqueror Mark.gif <Conqueror's Marks> for prizes. NPCs for this are located in the region's main fortress. For Elyos, they are located in Inggison Illusion Fortress, meanwhile Asmodians have theirs in Gelkmaros Fortress.

Due to the low income of tokens obtained from hunting and the extremely high amounts required for these items, straight up purchasing the equipment is taken by most as an impossible task. As such, there is an alternative method of obtaining it; purchasing Reward Sack Bronze.gif <Conquest Bundle>, costing 20 Conqueror Mark.gif <Conqueror's Marks>, which will reward the player with either a random piece of equipment purchased with marks, or (the most common case) consumables, such as a scroll or potion. This method acts as a gamble.

If the player rifts to the opposing faction's land, the bundles they loot from Conquest Offerings will not only reward the player with Conqueror Mark.gif <Conqueror's Marks>. They will also hold Honorable Conqueror Mark.gif <Honorable Conqueror's Marks>, and sometimes, Blood Mark.gif <Blood Marks>. For example, when an Elyos hunts in Gelkmaros, or when an Asmodian hunts in Inggison.

Honorable Conqueror Mark.gif <Honorable Conqueror's Marks> are used to purchase Reward Sack Bronze.gif <Bundle of Honor and Conquest>, costing 10 of both marks. This serves as another gamble, a chance for players to earn high amounts of Conqueror Mark.gif <Conqueror's Marks>. The Honorable marks may also be used to purchase Red sack.gif <Honorable Conqueror's Mark Bundle>, costing 40 of them, yielding a Gold Medal.gif <Honorable Daeva Decoration> required for Tango quest icon.png Wielding Strength [?] (A) and Tango quest icon.png Wielding Power [?] (E).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This system replaces the old way of how Conqueror Mark.gif <Conqueror's Marks> would play out. Before 4.8, they would be used to purchase bundles containing all the different prizes.
  • Certain old named world bosses and named mobs in these regions, despite of not being level 65, will still drop the lowest tier of bundles.
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