Conditioning item picture

Conditioning is a way to temporarily increase the attributes of armor and weapons. Condition duration is affected by the level of conditioning, frequency of use, and if Divine Power is used while the item is equipped. If an item can be conditioned, there will be a bar near the bottom indicating the conditioning level and the effects. Equipping and unequipping gear also reduce the durability.

A grey bar is unconditioned, a green bar is conditioned to level 1 and a yellow bar is conditioned to level 2. Items can be conditioned using an item such as 22px Conditioning: Level 2 purchased from a General Goods Merchant, or by visiting a Conditioning Officer. Unlike Augmenting, Conditioning is recharged by spending Kinah.

Conditioning gained popularity with the introduction of Archdaeva gear (crucial for PvE gear), but it was ultimately discontinued in 6.0.

Conditioning Officers Edit

There are several conditioning officers who will charge kinah to condition items. This is the least expensive option.

Marchutan Priory<Meiren>Kaisinel AcademyBarius
Gelkmaros Fortress<Magrethe>Inggison Illusion FortressUminosus
Primum LandingAmalienTeminon LandingAuminos
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