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Compai is the town crier that gives out his information on Elyos Square.

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Dialogue Edit

"Hail, Daeva! Take heart! There are glorious times ahead. Soon, there will be honor in abundance for every Elyos!
The Asmodian filth have taunted the Five Seraphim Lords long enough. There will be a reckoning soon to be sure, and those dirty furbacks will pay!
Stand firm, friend! If you follow the will of the Five and do your part in the battle against the arrogant brats of Asmodae you'll share in the bounty that is to come!"
X "Faith and arms!"
Says in chat
  • "The Guardian Legion has achieved a tremendous victory in the Battle of the Abyss!"
  • "The Coliseum is waiting for Daevas who are willing to train their combat abilities. Please don't hesitate to visit the Coliseum if you are one of them."
  • "Please use the Hall of Prosperity if you wish to sell on consignment basis, thank you!"
  • "The airship has arrived at the port! Please hurry if you are traveling to the Outer Port!"
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