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Commander Bakarma

Commander Bakarma is the brigade general of the legion invading Beluslan. He is the final and main boss of Draupnir Cave in Beritra's Oracle, and only appears if certain bosses are disposed of.



Commander Bakarma might present the greatest difficulty in the whole instance, mostly because of his vast arsenal. As the fight starts, he will only use Stun Strike <Stun Strike>, which will stun enemies within a range of 20 metres. This skill will be present throughout the encounter. Nearing 75% of HP, Bakarma will summon the first wave of additional monsters. This wave is composed of three Draconute Legionaries. The leader should be marking each add, following an order, as all adds are quite resilient, and therefore they should be focused by the rest of the party. From there until the end, Bakarma will also frequently use Battle Cry <Battle Cry> (boosting his own attack attributes and knocking one target down), Assault <Assault> (stunning several targets around him) and Powerful Knockdown <Powerful Knockdown> (knocking down a target).

As the group survives his strong attacks, at nearing 50%, the second wave of adds will begin, formed with three Nagrant Legionaries. Like the previous wave, they should be marked. Some groups struggle taking out these mobs on time since they are even more powerful than the previous ones. Flame Shower of Wrath <Flame Shower of Wrath> will begin being used at around 20%, giving a debuff to nearby enemies. In rare occasions, a third wave, composed of Drakes, might also spawn. While not as resilient as the other waves, added to Bakarma's skills, it might wreak havoc to the group. Finally, nearing the end, he may instantly turn all enemies around him into Qooqoos, preventing them from using any skills. Altered state potions are essential, as he will not cease attacking his vulnerable targets. Provided the group has survived this fight, they may loot his corpse for a variety of spoils.



  • Bakarma's Elite Heroic armour
  • Commander Bakarma Fabled weapons
  • Commander Bakarma Heroic weapons, accessories
  • Dusk Fabled armour

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