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{{Quest infobox | name = Combat Rations | type = Standard | race = asmodian | given by = {{npc|Food Box]] ([[Quest item}}) | area = Temple of Artisans | number = 2969 | share = n | abandon = yes | level = 25 | rlevel = 15 | region = Pandaemonium | type = Standard | repeatable = y | race = Asmodian | desc = According to its supply tag, the Food Box you received as a reward should have been sent to Blir in Reshanta. }}

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Take the ration box to Blir, a supply soldier in Reshanta.

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

The Food Box is a random reward from cooking work orders. Double-click on the Food Box to receive this quest, then bring it to Blir at Primum Landing in Reshanta.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

Food Box
(On a small tag stuck between two box slats, the words "Supply to: Reshanta Primum Landing, attention Blir" are just legible.)

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Blast it all! How's a Daeva supposed to deliver? I'm swamped in supply requests, but there's no stock!
I placed orders a sharding while back...I might as well be speaking Mau for all the help I get.
It's always the same...I ask for supplies and I get barely enough to feed a Shugo."
1 "Maybe this will help?"
"What's this? A box of food? Just in time! I've urgent requests for rations.
'Course it's always MY fault when there's not enough to eat! What am I supposed to do, deliver rocks?!
Thanks for your help. An army marches, and flies, on its stomach. Blast if I'll let them march on mine!"

Summary Edit

The food box you received as a reward should have been sent to Reshanta.

You delivered the food box to Blir, a supply solider at Primum Landing. He thanked you for the supplies he was running out of food.[sic]

Notes Edit

  • The quest is level 15, but you have to be 25 to turn in the quest since the end NPC is in the Abyss.
  • You can have multiple food boxes in your inventory at once, but only one quest can be active at a time. Abandoning the quest results in the destruction of only the food box that started the quest.
  • If you abandon this quest, you can only obtain the quest again by activating another food box.
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