Disambig icon For the Elyos version of this quest, see Combat Potions (Elyos).

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Take the fast healing potion to Blir, a supply solider in Reshanta.

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Obtain the Fast Healing Potion and double click it to obtain quest. Talk with Blir to complete quest and receive reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

(A tag hangs from the thin stem of the potion bottle. Though the words are partially obscured by a dark stain, you can still make out the message: "Supply to: Reshanta Primum Landing, attention Blir.")
(It would be wrong to keep it. You should take it to Blir at Reshanta Primum Landing.)

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Have you come for supplies? I hope not, for your sake.
You'd have more luck asking the Balaur if you could borrow some of their provisions. I just don't have the stock.
Ordering's no problem-- the difficulty is actually getting it. If I start demanding twice as much as I need, perhaps I'll end up with the right amount!"
1 "This was addressed for here."
"Hah! Seems I spoke too soon!
You've got me out of a tricky situation, friend. Legionaries tend to take it personally when you promise them potions and don't come up with the goods. Especially when they have wounds that won't wait!
Thank you. If you hadn't helped, I might have needed some of this myself. Blood for blood, Daeva."
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