Combat is a situation that occurs throughout the game, allowing players to gain experience. Different strategies are used by different classes, but some basic principles apply to target and fight an opponent. As well, defense is part of a good offense, and some key points are mentioned below. And of course, knowing when to run can be life-saving.

Targeting Opponents Edit

There are several ways to select a target, regardless of whether it is an aggressive NPC or another Daeva. One option is to left-click on the enemy to select it, then chose a skill to attack. Another choice is to double-left click the target, which will begin you auto-attack if the target is within range (Auto approach can be disabled in the options menu). For melee classes, auto-attack will strike the target between skills.

Target bar

Another selection method is to <Tab> to select an opponent. This will select the closest target within visual range, and if hit again, continue to select nearby targets. Another option is using the Select Target's Target (default ~) key. And it is possible to use a macro with /target to select a specific target.

Once you select a target, you will see their health bar on the screen, and a circle representing their aggro range on your radar map. If the opponent casts a skill, it will show up below their health bar. Watch your health and mana bar when fighting an opponent to use potions or skills ensure you live through the encounter.

Defensive Strategies Edit

Along with skills, buffs, and good armor and weapons, knowledge about defensive strategies can increase the chance of a successful outcome in combat. Movements can change your damage output and your defense.

ForwardBackwardLeft / Right
+10% Physical Damage
+10% Magic Damage
-20% Physical Defense
-20% Magic Defense
+500 Parry
+500 Block
-70% Physical Damage
-40% Movement Speed
+300 Evasion  
-70% Physical Damage
-20% Movement Speed
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