Polinia needs a quantity of Aria to contribute to the tribute to Sanctum. Gather 3 Aria roots for her.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Aria> (0/3)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk to Polinia to receive the quest. Collect 3 Aria through the gathering skill. Aria is pretty easy to find out in the explorable area located all over. Return the Aria to Polinia to receive reward. Polinia is located in Akarios Village in front of the Nobelium.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"I've just heard reports from the Abyss--the news is grave. The Asmodians have secured a number of strongholds in there.
You look uninterested, but I must remind you that our entire way of life--our very existence--is at risk here.
Our Daevas are struggling against their might as we speak, and as priest of Akarios Village, it is my duty to send them tribute to help support our cause."
1 "What kind of tribute?"
"Good question, mercenary...
While the Abyss is a desolate and harsh wasteland, Aion and our Seraphim Lords have granted us this world of Elysea, full of fertile pastures and natural life.
It would be foolish of us to not take advantage of this environment."
1 "I agree."
"Very good. I have considered sending rations to the Abyss, as we normally do. However, in this time of crisis, something else may be needed.
I have received word from Sanctum that they need more healing potions for our suffering Daeva. Unfortunately, they're running low on the key ingredient.
[Player Name], I need you to bring me Aria so we can send it on to our alchemists in Sanctum. The herb grows in abundance throughout Poeta.


Oh, thank you!
We'll need to send over three samples for now. You can find the Aria growing among the trees.
Please hurry--I must send our tribute before the supply lines are closed."
1 "I'll be as quick as I can."


"Your ignorance astounds me, [Player Name].
I understand that mercenaries only do deeds when there is personal benefit, but you need to think on a grander scale here.
Gah! Why reason with the foolish? Off with you!"
1 "Goodbye."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You're back, [Player Name].
Have you harvested the Aria I asked for?"
1 "Here it is."
"Wonderful, this is exactly we need!
I'll send the supplies to Sanctum right away.
You did a great thing today, [Player Name]. Please take this as compensation for your work."


With the Asmodian offensive in the Abyss growing, the demand for healing potions has increased dramatically.

That resulted in a shortage of Aria, a key ingredient for healing potions.

You gathered enough Aria for Polinia to send on as tribute to Sanctum.

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