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Class Summary

Clerics are the main support class in Aion and they utilize powerful healing spells to keep their allies standing through even the worst of conditions. This class is primarily a support class.

Play Style

The Cleric is the main support class of Aion and is practically a requirement for many areas of the game. The Cleric is the only class that can actively dispel both physical and mental debuffs and is the main class for single target and AoE healing capabilities. Their extensive list of healing skills covers practically all of the different types of recovery spells one could hope for, containing: high powered single target heals, wide range group heals, single and multi-target debuff removal, shielding spells, healing over time spells, spells that increase elemental resistances, and resurrection spells. All of these abilities come together to make the cleric a must in any kind of PvE or PvP scenario. Clerics are also armored with chain armor (the second most resilient armor type) which, when coupled with their healing ability, make the Cleric a sturdy, almost insurmountable target. When it comes to weapons, Clerics are proficient in wielding maces and staves. Most Clerics can usually be found wielding a mace and shield combination as this increases the survivability of the class by giving them a chance to block incoming physical attacks. Some clerics may opt to use a staff for the slightly greater magic boost and physical attack it comes with. However, a staff wielding Cleric is a rarity in PvE situations and is almost never seen in any sort of PvP situation.


In solo PvE, Clerics do little better than templars. While their survivability is increased through their healing skills, their dps is considered to be on the low end of the spectrum which makes killing mobs a long and tedious endeavor. However, as their damage is ranged and they can heal themselves very efficiently, Clerics are able to take down some of the hardier mobs that melee classes would not be able to.

In group PvE, Clerics are one of the most important additions to any party. Most if not all of the PvE instanced areas require a Cleric for their impressive healing ability. In smaller parties where dps may be lacking, a Cleric can provide limited dps through the use of his Summon Holy Servant and damage over time abilities, while still effectively healing his party. Also, should a situation go badly and lead to the entire party being killed, a Cleric can use his Rebirth skill to resurrect himself in the location where he died. He can then resurrect the other members of his party and continue where the group left off, rather than starting at the beginning of the area.


In solo PvP, Clerics are arguably the hardest class to take down. Clerics that are socketed with magic resist manastones can effectively resist most magical spells that come their way, including any CC spells, while any physical damage can be healed through with powerful instant casted healing. A Cleric becomes even more difficult to defeat in aerial combat, as they cannot be knocked down or put into an aether hold state. While on the offense, Clerics win by outlasting, as they simply use damage over time spells to damage their foes while healing any damage they take. Should a target attempt to flee, a Cleric can use his Root ability once every ten seconds to keep his target from doing so.

In group PvP, Clerics become indispensable as they are the only class that can keep other classes that are under focused fire alive. Clerics are also the only class that can remove debuffs which usually means the difference between victory or defeat. However, Clerics are also usually the first or second to be targeted by the enemy group, which means that proper positioning and good gear is required to survive the initial attack and continued onslaught of the enemy group.

Ending Note

In summary, the Cleric is a very sought after class due to its importance in all aspects of the game. As far as gear is concerned, this class is viable in PvE while wearing all levels of gear, however, excellent gear is required for good results in PvP situations, as this class is most often targeted and focused down before any other class. While playing a Cleric, it is important to keep in mind both the actual battle situation and the group health bar window simultaneously, as knowing which attacks are coming and which party members will get hit will help you to preemptively start to neutralize the damage done.


In Solo PvE, you should use Magic Boost Gems and gear, while in Group PvE Heal Boost and Mana Gems are more useful, so you don't go out of mana soon, aand heals are more powerful

In Solo PvP Magic Resist is best way to go. HP is good too, but Magic Resist is best, because you can heal melee attacks.

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- Excellent support ability

- Extremely high survivability

- Moderate damage output

- Required for most aspects of the game


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