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Hunt the Grove Vespines and Moss Spirits for Androkles.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Hunt the Vespines and Moss Spirits causing trouble in the Manduri Forest.
<Grove Vespine> (0/7)
<Moss Spirit> (0/7)

Basic Reward Edit

After 10 repeats Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, head to the Manduri Forest area and kill the required number of each type of mob. Return to Androkles to collect the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"More orders. Listen to this. "Due to your outstanding work in the Manduri Forest, General <Telemachus> has authorized you to carry on ridding the area of the Vespines and Moss Spirits that threaten the peace."
Does Centurion Maximus deliberately torment me? I can't do all this alone!"
1 "You're looking for more help then?"
"Yes, I am. If you would be happy to carry on your work, that would be a relief to me. At least that way I would not have to get others involved in this dirty, unfortunate work.
What do you say?"

Accept Edit

"Thank you, [Player Name].
Well then, there is little more to be said. Come back when your work is done.
Faith and arms."
X "Faith and arms."

Decline Edit

"Was the initial work that distressing? Did your heart bleed for the unfortunates you were destroying?
I can't force you to do the work, and I do respect your decision. That said, if you change your mind, come back and see me. No doubt I will still need your help."
X "Good luck with the work."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Ah, you're back already.
Is your work done? Have the quotas been filled?"
1 "Yes, I've done everything asked of me." <--!clap-->
"Thank you, [Player Name]. Someday I hope this bloody business will be over, and I will have to buy you a drink or two in Sanctum's Dionysia Tavern.
If you can stomach more of the same, then I have more work for you. For now though, take this. It is truly deserved."

Summary Edit

Androkles had received further orders from the fortress to hunt Grove Vespines and Moss Spirits, something which pained him considerably.

You successfully hunted for him, and were asked to return in the future when you have time, as further work needed doing in the forest.

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