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Chief of Staff Moriata

Chief of Staff Moriata is one of <Brigade General Sheba'sBrigade General Sheba> bodyguards stationed to Sauro Supply Base. He is the sixth and final boss of the instance before the true final bosses and is required to open the way into the Danuar Omphanium.

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He will frequently use Earthgrab npc <Powerful Pull> (luring targets to him) and follow it up with Macro type 1 <Heavy Strike> (area around target attack). His other attacks will include Macro type 1 <Heavy Strike> (single target attack) and Macro type 1 <Heavy Downward Smash> (short range AoE). At 75% HP, he will use Bodyguard I <Raging Fury>, increasing his offensive attributes and creating a shield around him. Halfway through, he will add Violent swing (npc) <Pressure Strike>, a short range AoE which will reduce the Physical Defences of everyone hit by it.

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