Deliver a whetstone to Delle on behalf of <Mijou>.

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Talk with Mijou to obtain quest. Obtain a Whetstone from Mijou and take it to Delle which is located at the entrance to the Ishalgen Prison Camp.

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"<Derot> over there isn't filling your head with "women are weak" nonsense, is he? Good. I grow weary of beating sense into him.
The rest of the raiders have come a long way. A few years ago they were all men. <Ulgorn> thought women were too weak, unskilled, and thin-skinned for the kind of work we do.
When Delle and I joined, we had to disguise ourselves at first. But we proved that we're plenty capable of holding out own. And Ulgorn changed his mind--although his daughter might have had something to do with it.
Talk about raider kinship. I spurred Delle on when she was struggling, and Delle did the same for me."
1 "Have I met Delle?"
"Apparently not!
She's quite a character--once you meet her, you don't forget her.
She's stationed up at the entrance to the Ishalgen Prison Camp--keeps the ghosts from wandering too far.
She's recognized as one of our strongest raiders, so she gets the most dangerous territories."
1 "Did you need something from me?"
"Actually, yeah. Last time I spoke to her, she told me her post was all right, but that she isn't getting regular supplies. The Ishalgen Prison Camp is so far from the Aldelle camp...I suppose it's inevitable that deliveries are few and far between.
I have a Whetstone that she could use. Do you mind taking it to her?"

Accept Edit

"Oh, thank you. She'll definitely appreciate the gift.
One warning, though: The graveyard is a dangerous place to hand about. So be careful.
Please hurry. You'll find Delle near the Ishalgen Prison Camp, and you can hand her the Whetstone.
I expect she'll gladly reward you for your time. Safe travels!"
X "Thank you."

Decline Edit

"Very well. I can't force you to go anywhere you don't want to, can I?
You should think about the reward, however. Delle is known for her generosity and would undoubtedly pay far more than you deserve for such a simple task."
X "I see."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"What brings you clear out here, [Player Class]? This is a dangerous place--maybe the most deadly spot in Ishalgen. Are you tough enough?
Hah! Trick question! Tough doesn't matter out here. Caution is what matters. Never forget that! Never!
But you still haven't answered my question. What brings you out here?"
1 "I've brought this for you."
"Oh Mijou, you beauty! She must be psychic! I grumbled one day about bein' hungry, and the next day, a parcel of food arrives from the Anturoon Crossing. Hah!
And just yesterday, I was looking at these blades of mine--couldn't cut water! I'm goin' to sharpen them right away.
Here's something for your trouble."

Summary Edit

Mijou asked you to deliver a whetstone to Delle, saying that it's hard for Delle to get regular supplies in such a remote place.

You brought the new whetstone to Delle, who thanked you and gave you a reward.

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