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Chat is a method of communicating between players in Aion. There are a number of different ways that can be used to talk with other players using the chat windows. The default setting for the <All> chat will start a player out with all boxes checked under chat, and a selection of default colors. As well, under Options (default O) there are some choices.

Customizing Chat Channels Edit

All chat options

To customize the chat, right-click on the <All> tab. You will see that the choices to <Add Tab>, <Clear Tab>, and <Tab Options> are dark meaning you can choose one, while <Delete Tab> and <Change Tab Name> are greyed out as unavailable for the <All Chat>. Click on <Tab Options> and then check or uncheck the boxes next to the type of chat to remove or add desired channels. You can also change the color of a chat text by clicking on the color box and choosing another color.

Adding a tab will allow you to create a chat channel for a specific purpose and activate specific features depending on what you decide to use it for.

Moving the Chat Window Edit

Move the mouse cursor next to the cogwheel icon on the chat window - it will change to an arrow with a cross. Press and hold the left mouse button and drag the chat to a new location on the screen.

Adjusting the Size of the Chat Window Edit

Move the mouse cursor above or below the outside border of the chat window, and it will change to a double arrow. Press and hold the left mouse button, and drag the arrow to adjust the chat size.

Chat Commands Edit

There are a number of different chat channels, and using chat commands allows you to quickly change from one to another.

/say, /sChanges to normal chat mode. Nearby players receive normal chat.
/group, /gChanges to Group chat mode. Only your group receives chat.
/alliance, /aChanges to Alliance chat mode. The entire Alliance receives Alliance chat.
/legion, /lChanges to Legion chat mode. The entire Legion receives Legion chat.
/leagueChanges to League chat mode. Allows League Leaders to communicate with Alliance Captains.
/shoutChanges to Shout chat mode. Nearby players receive Shouted chat.
/whisper [Player Name]
/w [Player Name]
Sends a Whisper to a character. Only that character receives your Whispered Chat.
/Alert [Message]Changes to Alert chat mode. Sends the message to the chat window and the HUD of all Alliance/group members. (Group leaders, Alliance captains, and Alliance Vice Captains only)
/reply or <T>Replies to the last person to send you a whisper.
/1Enters the Local Channel.
/2Enters the Trade Channel.
/3Enters the LFG (Looking for Group) Channel.
Private channelWhen you press the <Enter> key to open the Chat window and then click the speech bubble icon, it opens a pop-up menu. You can see private channel commands when you select <Manage Private Chat>.
/ChannelNotification [Number] [Message]The chat leader sends an alert message to all members.
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