Character creation screen

The character creation screen

Character creation is the process of creating your player character at the beginning of Aion. After the user selects a server, race, and class, they are directed to the character creation screen. This screen allows the user to name their character, set their voice, and change their physical attributes. These attributes can be anything from eye color, to hair style, to height, along with most other visible aspects of the body. 

Presets Edit

The left side of the screen, along with naming, also allows the user to choose from a number of presets for both head style and body style. 

Head Edit

By clicking on the head icon on the left of the screen, the user is shown, on the right, a menu consisting of options allowing them to customize the head. Among these options are hair shape, face shape, decorations- such as freckles or facial hair-, and tattoos. Along with these options are color pickers for the hair, eyes, lips, and skin tone. 

The user can also switch over into the "Advanced" column for more in depth options allowing customization of the eyes, face style, lips, ears, and other attributes.

Body Edit

Through clicking on the body icon, the user is presented with options for customization of the body. These include options to change height, the size of the chest (referring solely to the pectoral area), hips, head, the width and length of arms and legs, among other options.

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