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Chamber of Roah map

Chamber of Roah or Hamate Isle Storeroom is a fortress group instance for players of level 40 and above. Its entrance is located in Hamate Isle in Sullenscale Rive on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Like other fortress instances, monsters inside it will aggro regardless of the level of the party.

As of 4.9, the entrance was moved from Roah Fortress in Upper Reshanta to Lower Reshanta due to the fortress becoming inactive.

Backstory Edit

When Balaur held the fortress, they built an inner cave in the deepest parts of the floating island. Within these chambers, they stored their treasures. Due to not being directly connected to the outside, they created a teleport statue, acting as a portal to the hoard.

However, as Balaur lost the fortress to Daevas, this secret strongbox was discovered. Daevas accessed this area, but were surprised by the presence of the Balaur guards. They now must venture in, making their way through the remnants, to acquire those amazing riches.

As Ereshkigal's relics found in Drakenspire Depths released strong energy waves, Reshanta was suffered a shift in its temperature. Allowing the rising of the Dragon Lord's armies, it caused the outer fortresses to be neutralised, sealing the original entrance. With the sudden appearance of the central archipelago of Lower Reshanta, strange portals leading to this chambers were discovered, re-enabling access to the affected treasure rooms.

Walkthrough Edit

The instance is composed of the drop point, which is connected to the main hall, which branches into three bridges leading to their respective wings. When players step out of the drop point, a 15-minutes countdown will begin, which when ends will force treasure chests to despawn. Each chamber holds one treasure box, which can be opened with the key dropped from the chamber's head guard. A bigger chest may spawn sometimes spawn in the main hall, in front of the bridge leading to the northern chamber.

If players attack the unique mob of the room, all guards which have not been cleared already will attack them, making it imperative to clear the whole room before engaging the fight. Each room has a different difficulty, varying from easy (western room), to medium (eastern room) to hard (northern room).

The western room is guarded by a random Naga/Nagarant guard, holding the Key type 4 <Golden Ruins of Roah Key>, which can be used to open the treasure chest behind it, In the eastern room players will find a Drakan guard, holding the Key type 2 <Jeweled Ruins of Roah Key>, also used to open the chest behind the unique mob.

Laslty, players may reach the northern chamber, guarded by <Protector Kael>, holding the Key type 2 <Magic Ruins of Roah Key>. This boss will constantly cast shield, reducing physical damage inflicted on him, as well as slowing his enemies' attack and movement speed.

Prizes Edit

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