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Chalice Guard Denlavis

Chalice Guard Denlavis is an Elyos Daeva guarding Agnita's Chalice in the Fire Temple.

History Edit

He was originally a human who was married to a local townswoman named <Hannet>. The two had a child, but it was stillborn. To make things worse, Denvalis ascended and became a Daeva soon afterwards. He was dispatched on a number of missions but mysteriously disappeared during one of them, and has not been heard from since.

Decades later <Hannet>, now an old lady, still mourns over her husband's unknown fate. In the quest Tango quest icon <Hannet's Lost Love> [32] she asks the Elyos player to help locate him.

From this it is learned that Denvalis ventured into Asmodae with his team, but disappeared when the team was making their escape from the Fire Temple. Hannet refuses to believe Denvalis is dead, and asks the plays to venture into the Fire Temple and look for anything of him there. In the quest (Tango quest icon <[Group] Looking for Denlavis> [35]) the player finds Denlavis alive and well, who reveals that he willingly stayed behind in the Fire Temple after he was entranced by Kromede's passions and riches. He gives the player his necklace and asks him to deliver it to his wife with the message that he is dead. Unbeknownst to Hannet, this would later prompt her to ask the player to return and kill Kromede on her behalf.

If the player is Asmodian, he will simply serve as an elite-grade NPC watching over Agnita's Chalice.

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Elyos Dialogue Edit

(He stares at you without saying a word.)
X "Farewell."
With quests
"Greetings, Daeva."
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