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Captain Lakhara

Captain Lakhara is the commander in charged of watching over the Balaur protecting the entrance to the Beshmundir Temple. It is the first boss encountered inside the instance in the Gate of Repose. Players must defeat him in order to make its way to the rest of the temple.

Strategy Edit

If attempting to solo this boss it is highly advisable to kite him around the room due to several of his attacks and large HP pool. He should not present a major threat in the Normal Mode of the instance.

If the fight happens in Hard Mode, with the presence of a tank, it is crucial to pay attention to his skills. Primarily, Conqueror&#039;s Strike <Conqueror's Strike>, a debuff which decreases the effect of healing abilities on its wearer. He will also gain a buff, Seal of Victory <Seal of Victory>, increasing his evasion rate, which can be removed by a dispelling class. When low on HP, players should try finish him up as soon as possible as he might use Certain Doom <Certain Doom>, an attack strong enough to take down any player.

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