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Captain Jidega

Captain Jidega is one of the Dredgion captains in Dredgion Defense. When killed, she will reward 30,000 points to the faction's score and the Dredgion Infiltration section of the instance will end.

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While battling Captain Jidega, the <Dredgion Mortar> is the biggest threat. When engaged, they will continually use Tremor npc <Wave of Paralysis>, forcing players to enter a paralyzed state for a considerable amount of time, leaving them vulnerable to the attacks of the captain and the <Dredgion Shock Cannon'sDredgion Shock Cannon> attack Macro type 1 <Wave of Destruction>. Experienced groups will focus on killing the <Dredgion Mortar> first, then proceed to take down the <Dredgion Shock Cannon> and finally proceed to focus Captain Jidega.

Alternatively, less experienced factions may opt to assign a few players to the chambers on the left side of the ship, where the <Surkana Shock Cannon> and <Surkana Mortar> are. These two generators supply power to the <Dredgion Shock Cannon> and <Dredgion Mortar> respectively. When the surkanas are destroyed, Dredgion turrets will be temporarily disabled, giving the main group a window to tackle the captain. These rooms are guarded however, and the menace of <Wary Ashulagens> are always present.

When fighting Captain Jidega, her skill set will include Acid Fluid npc <Lingering Doom> (decreasing physical defence, poisons and renders HP recovery null), Acid Fluid npc <Out of Body> (paralysis), Infernal Blaze V <Death Wolf> (a frontal AoE attack), Flame Bolt I <Spiritual Shot> (single target attack), Macro type 1 <Spiritual Ignition> (an AoE attack), Blessing npc <Midnight Robe> (raising her defences) and Weeping Curtain <The Wailing Dead> (an AoE which will drain MP and poison). Provided she has been taken down, the faction will be rewarded 30,000 points. A portal will appear allowing players to access ground level again.

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