A Campaign quest is a quest that follows the story line for the faction, and provide a very good source of experience and kinah. They are denoted by a Tango campaign quest icon.png in your journal or on the map. Campaign quests cannot be abandoned, and some are automatically received when your character gets to a specific level.

Campaign Quest Difficulty[edit | edit source]

Check the level of the campaign against your current level. The greater the gap, and the color difference indicates the expected difficulty.

  • Red - very high
  • Orange - high
  • Yellow - normal
  • White - low

Summaries[edit | edit source]

A lot of the game's original storyline has been cut with later updates. Summaries of the (original) campaigns can still be read at the following pages (including cutscenes), and detail the full backstory of everything that has happened over the course of the game.

Note this this project is still a WIP; some pages still need to be (partially) written.

Disambig icon.png For summaries of the original Elyos & Asmodian campaigns (Aion 1.0), see Elysea Campaign and Asmodae Campaign.
Disambig icon.png For summaries of the first half of the Balaurea campaign (Aion 2.0-4.7), see Balaurea Campaign (Chapter 1) and Balaurea Campaign (Chapter 2).
Disambig icon.png For a summary of the second half of the Balaurea campaign (Aion 4.8-4.9), see Balaurea Campaign (Chapter 3).
Disambig icon.png For a summary of the Archdaeva campaign (Aion 5.0-5.8), see Archdaeva Campaign.

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