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Calindi Flamelord

Calindi Flamelord is a Noble Lord and <Tiamat>'s most trusted bodyguard, protecting the Dragon Lord from any attack. It is the first boss encountered in Dragon Lord's Refuge, required to be defeated before confronting Tiamat herself.

History Edit

With the imminent threat of Reians and Daevas advancing deeper inside Tiamat's stronghold, the Dragon Lord hatched a plan to prevent it. She offered Kahrun, the Reian chief, to to have a conference to prevent a fight.

Although expecting it to be a trap, Kahrun acceded to going alone, thinking being strong enough to slay Tiamat all by himself. As Daevas followed him to Dragon Lord's Refuge and saw Tiamat vanishing Kahrun with Siel's Relics' power, they decided to engage a fight with the Dragon Lord. Considering them pesky opponents, she called her servant, Calindi Flamelord, thinking it would be enough take them down.

Strategy Edit

It is advisable to move him onto one of the walls and face him away from the alliance, mostly to avoid Vitality Drain <Fire Dragon Claw>, a frontal attack which will affect all enemies he faces to.

During the fight, players should be aware of his two most important abilities: Blaze Engraving <Blaze Engraving>, through which he will spawn flames on the ground, dealing a strong damage over time, which must be avoided. And Hallucinatory Victory <Hallucinatory Victory>, a very dangerous reflecting shield, marks the spawning of floating Surkanas which must be disposed of swiftly, as they will buff Calindi up, increasing his attack speed and other offensive attributes.

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Trivia Edit

  • A level 50 version is encountered as the Rank A grade in Dark Poeta.

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