In order to change your future, you must purify yourself of evil power. Follow Munin's advice and obtain divine blessings from five holy creatures to make the Pearl of Purification.

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After getting the quest, talk to each NPC. Although time consuming, this is an easy quest to complete.

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"Do you remember that dark destiny I showed you long ago? <> defeats you, and you lose consciousness.
I assumed then that if you could defeat Hellion, it would change your fate, and the fate of Atreia. The sword changes that much.
But now a new truth has become apparent. It's not Hellion who defeats you, but your own uncontrolled power."
1 "My own power?"
"There is dark energy in you. Even though you can now defeat Hellion with the Spirit Blade, it will neither save you nor change the outcome of our world.
You'll be overwhelmed--cast down by the dark power inside you. I tried to purify that power, but my ability is not equal to the task."
1 "So it's all over, then."
"There's another way that may work, but it requires the good will of many, and your ability to keep a secret. And still it might not be enough.
I'll give you a Pearl of Purification to hold the power of beings of great age and wisdom. Your job will be to journey to each of them--Hreidmar, Bulagan, Cayron, Vanargand, and Ensu--and to request their divine blessing.
Do not speak my name, nor imply we've spoken. I'm not at all favored in some circles, as I'm sure I don't need to remind you."
1 "No. The task is mine, Munin."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"You still smell of blood, Asmodian.
All your kind do, but it's because of you that this place has suffered so much death.
Surely Aion did not make you as you are."
1 "I've come to ask a favor of you..."
"And now you ask for a reward?!
There. There's what you wanted. Take it back, and consider any debts of mine paid to all of your kind.
Leave Nepra. Now!"
1 "Thank you, great Hreidmar."
"It's good to see you again, Daeva.
I have not forgotten how you helped me rescue <Agnita> from the claws of <KromedeKromede the Corrupt>. I am forever in your debt."
1 "I've brought this...."
"Aahh...yes.... You seek a blessing.
There. It is done.
My blessing is in it now. Go in peace."
1 "Thank you, Bulagan. May we meet again."
"You've come for a divine blessing!
Don't look surprised, child! I wouldn't be the Elder of Brohum if I couldn't see that, would I?
I can also see that you haven't much time. Give me that."
1 "Here."
"The blessing is given, and gladly.
But I sense something I did not sense when last we met, [Player Name]. You[sic] power is greater, and....
I don't know what's happened to you, but I hope my blessing will help to correct it."
1 "Thank you, Cayron."
"I helped you once, and here you are back again. Your kind never tires of asking and taking.
I want no more to do with you--any of you.
Don't bother me again."
1 "There's something I really need..."
"Do you have any idea what you're asking of me, [Player Name]? A divine blessing is no small matter, but the accumulation of 100 years of power.
Why should I give it to you? Why should I sacrifice my power for your? Indeed I should not.
Why are you still here? Leave!"
1 "Allow me to explain the situation..."
"So you've already gotten three blessings, eh? Someone must think you're all right. Let me see that....
Here. Since you've forced a blessing from me, you'd better win that fight with Hellion, or whatever his name is.
I don't want my home swarming with sun-blighted clawless scum."
1 "Many thanks for your gracious blessing."
"If you've lost the <Golden Trumpet Temple Key>, I can't help you. There's no way to make another unless you have another copy of Aika's.
If you don't need a key, there's no reason for you to be here disturbing me."
1 "I brought this, hoping for your blessing..."
"You brought be <Hinden's letterDecoded Letter>, and I repaid you generously. Now here you are again, as though I still owed you something.
If I agree to grant you my blessing...IF I do, you must agree to come to my aid whenever--and wherever--I need you.
If we have a bargain, give me that."
1 "Here it is."
"You're back. Munin warned me this latest task might take a while.
Have you all the blessing he sent you for? If even one is missing, this won't work."
1 "I have them all."
"An amazing accomplishment, [Player Name]. It can't[sic] have been easy getting some of those blessings.
Swallowing the pearl will purify the dark power inside you, but even this, Munin says, may not be enough.
He has asked me for the Amulet of Insight."
1 "The Amulet of Insight?"
"Four beings of great insight will create the amulet together, each drawing an incantation in their own blood towards one compass point. I have begun by drawing my incantation to the east. Ananta, Seznec, and Kasir will complete it.
Munin said also to consult people who have battle experience with the Elyos. Even though you're more powerful than Hellion, his is the greater experience.
Take this, and good luck."
1 "I'll need all of that I can get."
"It is you, of the darrrrk winnngs and sharrrrp claws. Rrrrrrrrrrrrr....
The Mist Mane have nnnot forgottennn you or yourrrr many acts of kinnndness..
Tell mmme why you are herrrre."
1 "I'm here about the Amulet of Insight."
"My blood and my innncantationnn are yourrrrs to command, winged onnne.
I draw my incantation in the west.
It pleases me to returrrrn your kinnndness. Rrrrrrrrr.... Herrrre is your amulet."
1 "Many thanks, Ananta."
"Oh, it's you again.
What are the chance[sic] you just happened to be in the neighborhood?
Spit it out. Why are you here?"
1 "I've brought this amulet..."
"The Amulet of Insight. I haven't heard that name since my elder sisters died. Let me see that.
I wonder how much blood I have left after all this time....
There. The incantation is drawn. To the north."
1 "Thank you, Seznec."
"Yes, exactly what book are you looking for?
...I know you're here for the amulet. Slip it to me when <Gaminart'sGaminart> not looking...
What was that title again?"
1 "Famous Daevas of Beluslan."
"...Ouch! Had to bite myself to get the blood...I'm drawing my incantation to the south....
...Munin says to tell you that Aegir, Heintz, Delris, Votan, and Kvasir have the answers you need, but you can't mention Hellion. Understood?
"Yes yes, We do have a copy, but it seems to have been mis-shelved. I'll locate it, so check back soon."
1 "Thank you! I will."
"[Player Name], it's been a long time! Haven't seen you since that Abyss Gate operation. You've...changed....
Well, whatever it is you want, you can have it. Speak up."
1 "I need advice on fighting the Elyos."
"The first thing you need to know is that there's no one thing that works every time.
Some will talk your ears off about strategy and tactics, but on the frontlines, theory matters less than sheer instinct. Your body needs to be one step ahead of your head.
Go fight some Elyos in the Abyss--you'll be able to prove it to yourself."
1 "Thanks, General."
"You know, <Sigyn> told me about all you did for us in Brusthonin.
You can always come to me if you need anything at all, [Player Name]."
1 "Right now I need some advice..."
"You're quite bit more humble than your reputation would suggest.[sic] I like that.
The best advice I can give you is not to overestimate your ability.
And never stop training--even the sharpest sword becomes rusty with disuse. I fought Beritra once, but I've never rested on my laurels, nor should you."
1 "I appreciate the advice, sir."
"I remember you, [Player Name]! You came to me for <Flame Bombs> against the Ice Petrahulks.
I heard you really made an impact--wish I'd been there to see it, but Brigade General Thor ordered me to stand down and stay out of your way.
So what can I do for you today? More bombs, perhaps?"
1 "I need some combat advice from you..."
"I'm not the expert Thor is, but I do have one bit of advice--don't underestimate the Elyos.
Pasty complexions, skinny little bodies, watery eyes...the first time I saw one I felt sorry for it!
Next thing I know, I'm dusting myself off next to an Obelisk."
1 "That's very useful advice--thanks."
"Is there something you needed from me, [Player Name]?
Aion knows I've a skull full of Dredgion tactics I'd like an excuse to forget about."
1 "I'd like to know about fighting Elyos."
"Well, there's one bit of advice I'd give to anyone about the enemy--take the initiative.
Victory most often goes to the one who attacks first and keeps attacking until the fatal blow.
Never give your enemy time to pull himself together. Never stop attackin, even when they're on their last legs. Understand?"
1 "Sounds like excellent advice, Governor."
"Have you brought me information about the Lepharists?
I can use anything you've got, if so. Anonymity applies, of course."
1 "I came for combat advice..."
"Well, talent's important of course, but what if your enemy's more talented than you? What do you do? Run away?
Intelligence is the deciding factor, I think. Every enemy has weaknesses--use your intelligence to find them.
What skills is your enemy using? In what order? In what combinations? Know your enemy to gain the advantage."
1 "Thank you, Captain."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Thank Aion you're back. We haven't much time.
Give me the pearl and the amulet."
1 "Here they are."
"You did a good job, and I hope you got some good advice while you were about it.
I hope you didn't mention Hellion--the Shadow Court has eyes and ears everywhere.
There are just a few more things you and I must do...."

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Munin said he feels evil power in you that he can't purify with his power alone. He told you to get blessings from five holy creatures to create the Pearl of Purification.

You took the Pearl of Purification to Hreidmar, Bulagan, Cayron, Vanargand and Esnu, then to Skuld, who gave you the Amulet of Insight, and also told you to seek advice on battling the Elyos.

You completed the Amulet of Insight with the help of Skuld, Ananta, Seznec and Kasir, and listened to advice on fighting the Elyos from Aegir, Heintz, Delris, Votan and Kvasir. When you returned to Munin, he said all that remains now are a few tasks.

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