Burning Vortex

A Burning Vortex can be extracted by a Daeva to yield aether.

Contains Edit

Item Extract Rate
Aether <Aether>52-59%
Greater Aether <Greater Aether>35-40%
Pure Aether <Pure Aether>4-6%
Brilliant Aether <Brilliant Aether>1%
Essence of Wind <Essence of Wind>1%

Locations Edit

LocationLevel of Nodes
AsmodaeSky Temple of Arkanis, Morheim(300p)
Alukina's Palace, Beluslan(300p), (325p), (350p), and (375p)
Krug Basin, Gelkmaros(375p)
ElyseaEracus Temple, Eltnen(300p), (325p), (350p), and (375p)
The Storm Circle, Heiron(300p), (325p), (350p), and (375p)
Taloc's Forest, Ingisson(375p)
ReshantaUpper Reshanta(325p)
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