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Brusthonin was an optional PvE area for Asmodian adventurers. This land featured two distinct areas: a lower-level area (from Settlers Campsite to Baltasar Hill Village) which contained quests for level 20 to 25 players, and the rest of the map which catered to players between level 45 and 50. There was a clear barrier between the two areas to warn lower level players from venturing into the high level areas.

Out of all areas in Asmodae, Brusthonin had the richest history but also paid the heaviest price. The story of the region was, in essence, the story of Villaire: a tale of evil, revenge, and of despair.

The campaign that was set on this map was removed in Aion 4.x. Since then it mostly laid abandoned, although players would still visit it for access to the Adma Stronghold and Theobomos Lab instances. In the Aion 6.0 update this region was removed from the game.

The major towns included Settler's Campsite for low levels, and Baltasar Hill Village and BuBu Village along with some smaller outposts for high levels. Even after its contamination the land remained as one of the most lush areas of Asmodae, with varied plant life. There were no rifts in Brusthonin, and there were no areas where you could fly.

History Edit

Brusthonin was once the breadbasket of Atreia. However this changed with the Cataclysm, when the Tower shattered the land fell under Balaur siege. Beritra lead the Balaur legions in the attack against Brusthonin, and fought in the front lines. After days of brutal fighting, the Red Sky Legion was able to banish the Balaur from this region, but paid a horrible price as they all perished in the process.   

Beritra, in his rage, cursed the land after the terrible defeat. Then the landscape suddenly changed and the once verdant and fertile lands were hit by a mysterious and terrifying plague. It infected the soil, the plants, the animals and even the residents, turning them into undead.

Aion Cutscenes - Brusthonin Campaign (Asmodian)

Aion Cutscenes - Brusthonin Campaign (Asmodian)

As an emergency action, some residents hid themselves inside Adma Stronghold to avoid being struck by the rapid-spreading plague. However, Princess Karemiwen (Lord Lannok's wife) ordered the gates of Adma closed, fearing that the villagers that would enter Adma Stronghold could have been infected. This killed the many remaining, healthy individuals as they too were unable to protect themselves against the plague.

Yet, Brusthonin remained not entirely a wasteland. The northern and northeast portions of the land were not struck by the Plague. There lied one of the most beautiful landscapes in Atreia: Iollu Hills and Iollu Forest, the home of the Brohun. Lord Marchutan worked tirelessly to recover Brusthonin's former condition and make it the breadbasket of Asmodae again. But even he can't lift Beritra's curse with his divine power. Sadly, all the Shedim Lords' projects have failed until now.

Sub-zones Edit

Towns and Outposts
Explorable Areas

Quests Edit

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NPCs Edit

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Resources Edit

Horto 75p Vegetable Cippo <Horto>
Fine-haired Larva <Fine-haired Larvae>
Titanium 100p Metal Titanium Ore <Titanium Ore>
Greater Titanium Ore <Greater Titanium Ore>
Wrud Log 110p Log Wrud Log Wrud Log
Wrud Log Wrud Log Bundle
Twisp 120p Plant Twisp Fiber Twisp Fiber
Twisp Fiber Twisp Fiber Bundle
Theonia 130p Herb Theonia <Theonia>
Fresh Theonia Fresh Theonia
Vinna 135p Fruit Grapes Vinna
Vinna Petal Vinna Petal
Rabano 140p Vegetable Carrot Rabano
Fine-haired Larva <Fine-haired Larvae>
Topaz 145p Gem Red ore Topaz Ore
Aquamarine 155p Gem Blue ore Aquamarine Ore
Gold 160p Soft metal Gold Ore Gold Ore
Greater Gold Ore Greater Gold Ore
Zircon 185p Gem Red ore Zircon Ore
Pressa 275p Fruit Pressa Pressa
Pressa Petal Pressa Petal
Zeller 290p Vegetable Broccoli Zeller
Seed Seed of Detection
Orichalcum 300p Ore Orichalcum Ore Orichalcum Ore
Greater Orichalcum Ore Greater Orichalcum Ore
Pure Orichalcum Ore Pure Orichalcum Ore
Brilliant Orichalcum Ore Brilliant Orichalcum Ore
Life Crystal <Life Crystal>
Greater Orichalcum Ore Makron's Memento
Subella 305p Herb Azpha <Subella>
Fresh Azpha Fresh Subella
Plia <Healing Root>
Rask 310p Fish Rask <>
Ruby 315p Gem Red ore Ruby Ore
Big red ore Big Ruby Ore
Recovery Crystal <Recovery Crystal>
Red Rose 315p Gem Red ore Ruby Ore
Big red ore Big Ruby Ore
Mithril 320p Soft Metal Mithril Ore Mithril Ore
Greater Mithril Ore Greater Mithril Ore
Pure Mithril Ore Pure Mithril Ore
Brilliant Mithril Ore Brilliant Mithril Ore
Mind Crystal <Mind Crystal>
Euron&#039;s Memento Euron's Memento
Anathe 330p Plant Anathe Fiber Anathe Fiber
Anathe Fiber Anathe Fiber Bundle
Bouquet Pseron's Memento
Vigen 335p Vegetable Potato Vigen
Seed Seed of Detection
Asvata Log 340p Log Asvata Log Asvata Log
Asvata Log Asvata Log Bundle
Hudaron&#039;s Memento Hudaron's Memento
Carpen 345p Fish Carpen Carpen
Jardine Liuron's Memento
Sapphire 350p Gem Blue ore Sapphire Ore
Big blue ore Big Sapphire Ore
Recovery Crystal <Recovery Crystal>
Kukar 355p Fruit Kukar Kukar
Kukar Petal Kukar Petal
Grobule 365p Herb Kandula <Grobule>
Fresh Kandula Fresh Grobule
Plia <Healing Root>
Herb type 5 Wild Ginseng
Carrot Sniron's Memento
Cippo 375p Vegetable Cippo Cippo
Seed Seed of Detection
Onion Kashuron's Memento
Diamond 380p Gem White ore Diamond Ore
Big white ore Rich Diamond Ore
Recovery Crystal <Recovery Crystal>
White ore Dookiron's Memento
Leopis 390p Fruit 22px Leopis
Leopis Petal Leopis Petal
Tyron&#039;s Memento Tyron's Memento

Travel Connections Edit

Teleportation Pandaemonium 1,536 Kinah icon
Teleportation Altgard 1,756 Kinah icon
Teleportation Beluslan 3,184 Kinah icon
Teleportation Morheim 2,196 Kinah icon
Flight transporter
Flight PathCost
FlightConnection Settler's CampsiteBaltasar Hill Village 2,898 Kinah icon
FlightConnection Settler's CampsiteBuBu Village 2,547 Kinah icon
FlightConnection Baltasar Hill VillageBuBu Village 2,898 Kinah icon
FlightConnection Baltasar Hill VillageEdge of Torment 1,976 Kinah icon
FlightConnection Baltasar Hill VillageIollu Overlook 1,976 Kinah icon
*Note: Teleport and Flight Transporter prices are an approximate 100% value and may fluctuate based on your servers' Influence Ratio.
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