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Brigade General Vasharti

Brigade General Vasharti is the main boss in Rentus Base located in The Bridge. He is the general tasked to claim the base for the Balaur, doing so by tricking <Merops> into betraying his tribe. As Daevas manage to reach him despite Merops' attempts to stop them, he ends his life.

With Tiamat's death, Vasharti and his legion swore loyalty to Beritra instead, still retaining their original task, while also acquiring new ones (such as exploring Kaldor).

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Strategy Edit

Rentus Base Edit

During the encounter, he will use Interval Skill <Red Flame Reflective Shield> and Interval Skill NPC <Blue Flame Reflective Shield>. These dangerous protective buffs will instantly redirect damage back to the attacker. These can be countered through two methods:

  • The buff can be dispelled by a Spiritmaster or a Songweaver after it is casted (being the recommended method)
  • Position damage dealers near the respectively coloured generator, receiving a buff which reduces the amount of damage reflected

Whenever these buffs are casted, two additional monsters will be summoned; Kiss of Fire (red) and Kiss of Ice (blue). Kiss of Fire can only be killed from skills which inflict magic damage, and will cast Sun Burst <Red Flame>, inflicting damage on nearby targets. Meanwhile, Kiss of Ice can only be disposed of by using skills of physical damage, and will cast Storm Slash <Blue Flame>, reducing the MP of nearby enemies. Both should be taken out as soon as possible.

He will also, from time to time, cast Boon of Iron-Clad I <Sea of Fire>, gaining a shield, making him invulnerable to damage. However, during this phase, players will have to evade his attacks by avoid standing on the circles on the ground (blue ones will reduce MP, while red ones will deal damage). Party members will additionally gain a buff, increasing Movement Speed and reducing Casting Speed. The last skill set present in this fight are Slashing Wind I <Fire Column> (dealing damage on nearby enemies and knocking them out) and Darkness Servent NPC <Palm Blast> (a long distance attack which will inflict damage on a target and the ones around it), both equally damaging.

Once Vasharti has been defeated, <Ariana> will show up in The Bridge, congratulating Daevas for having saved Rentus Base. The group may now loot Vasharti's corpse for the instance's main loot.

Occupied Rentus Base Edit

Vasharti will stick to his previous skill set, with two minor changes:

  • If not defeated within 10 minutes, he will go berserk and end the battle dealing colossal damage
  • Players do not receive the movement and cast speed buff when Boon of Iron-Clad I <Sea of Fire> is up

Skills Edit

Kiss of Fire

Kiss of Ice

Quotes Edit

  • "This situation ranges out of hand, Merops! Things are not as thy sworn."
  • "Thou expect thy "noble" acts to be rewarded? Thou art a traitor, and nothing more!"
  • "Take up thy force to the grave!"
  • "You hasten your deaths by provoking my wrath!"
  • "I will be thy gravedigger!"
  • "My own death means nothing! Your tribe will perish in the sands of time!"

Drops Edit

  • Vasharti eternal weapons
  • Rebel fabled armour
  • Defeated Reian heroic armour

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