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Brigade General Sheba

Brigade General Sheba is the head of the legion settled in Sauro Supply Base, acting as the instance's toughest difficulty version of the final boss. She is one of Beritra's most trusted officers. Her forces were originally largely present across Katalam and Danaria, tasked to gather intel on the situation in the battlefield.

She can only be fought if two Gold key <Danuar Omphanium Keys> are used on the <Hidden Passage>.

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By default, Sheba will be guarded by four Sheban Bladesmen, located near her under stealth. It is priority to take them out of the battle first. They can be aggroed without engaging battle with Sheba herself. Through most of the fight, her abilities will include Flame Bolt I <Spiritual Shot> (single target attack), Macro type 1 <Spiritual Ignition> (AoE attack around target) and Infernal Blaze V <Death Wolf> (frontal AoE). Her from threatening abilities however, require an attentive healer ready to cleanse their effects. Acid Fluid npc <Out of Body> will paralyse enemies within 5m of her, and Acid Fluid npc <Lingering Doom> will nullify healing effects and poison those within 10m.

The encounter will heat up after 75%, where she will begin to use Macro type 1 <Soul Busting Shot> (a strong long range single target attack) and, but most importantly, Immortal <Danuar Henchman>. This last skill will spawn four Corrupted Danuar (all of them in stealth), beasts which will attack and cause chaos. These mobs deal considerable damage and are immune to any crowd control, forcing the group to kill them as soon as possible. This skill is used rather frequently, putting pressure on the party.

Halfway through, on top of the previously mentioned skills, more will be added to Sheba's arsenal. Immortal <Danuar Channeling> will spawn a Danuar ghost in the middle of the platform, which will put everyone within 10m of it under the effect of Fear (NPC) <Curse of the Rune>, preventing them from recovering MP and reducing movement speed greatly. Sheba will immediately follow this with Weeping Curtain <The Wailing Dead>, a frontal AoE attack which will leave behind a strong damage over time and reduce their MP.

The last portion of the fight will increase in difficulty even further as the boss will use her skills with much more frequency, leaving no time to rest. Provided the group manages to assassinate Brigade General Sheba, they may loot her corpse for a guaranteed mythic drop from the instance's set and a portal to the outside of the instance will appear.

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  • Beritra's trust on Sheba is confirmed by her presence during the 4.0 Trailer, where she is seen torturing one of Tiamat's messengers to gain information before the Dragon Lord himself. Before the patch was released, when the trailer aired, Sheba would be speculated to be Beritra (previously believed to be female).
  • Sheba's purpose in the abandoned temple was investigating through Danuar records a way to ascend into a Dragon Lord herself. Said research was presumably used on <Ahserion> after she was defeated.
  • Players can find a letter inside The Eternal Bastion, sent by one of Sheba's officers to spy on Grand Commander Pashid, implying she does not trust him.
  • Sheba gained considerable popularity among the community, giving her a Grade A Minion in 5.5: Sheba (icon) <Sheba>.

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