Briga Powder
Only one can be carried
Soul Binding Available
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Ground Briga with a nutty taste.

Briga Powder is ground Briga and is an ingredient used in cooking.

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Asmodian Logo small <Cook: Fried Pujery> [10p] 10p
Asmodian Logo small <Cook: Fried Kisaki> [100p] 100p
Cook: Ksellid Dumpling 135p
Craft: Chikra Frying Powder 150p
Craft: Frozen Abex Patty 230p
Cook: Tipolid Sausage 235p
Craft: Battered Gryphu Wing 240p
Cook: Fried Almeha 270p
Craft: Battered Megrim 280p
Cook: Monitor Dumpling 285p
Cook: Fried Rask 310p
Craft: Merone Seed Powder 320p
Cook: Snuffler Dumpling 335p
Craft: Seasoned Vigen Dough 340p
Craft: Morheim Natural Food 360p
Craft: Governor's Supper 399p
Cook: Tipolid Aether Sausage 400p
Cook: Monitor Aether Dumpling 400p
Balic Dish: Star Dragon Fried Meat 400p
Cook: Snuffler Aether Dumpling 420p
Balic Dish: Black Dragon Fried Meat 420p
Balic Dish: Black Dragon King Fried Meat 420p
Balic Dish: Dark Dragon Fried Meat 440p
Balic Dish: Dark Dragon King Fried Meat 440p
Cook: Fried Stria 440p
Cook: Crestlich Dumpling 495p
Cook: Crestlich Aether Dumpling 495p
Balic Recipe: Horned Dragon's Fried Meat 495p
Balic Recipe: Horned Dragon King's Fried Meat 495p
Cook: Crestlich Herb Dumpling 500p

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