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Brass-Eye Grogget

Brass-Eye Grogget is the captain of the Steel Rake, usually found in the Steering House. He lost an arm in battle, and had a steel rake fitted in its place.


Boss Info[]

Grogget is known for his collection of various Stigmas, intent on proving that Shulacks are better than Daevas.


  • The fight starts out with Grogget alone. He will move to the center and activate his Stigma amplifier.
  • Uses stoneskin often. Save your high damage attacks for when stoneskin wears off.
  • As the battle progresses he will run back to his organ and summon adds. You must quickly dispose of the adds. A good order would be Shaman > Melee > Healer.
  • The adds are 1 star mobs.
  • Each time he returns to his organ he will summon two waves.
  • Towards the end he will use Capture and pull in the entire party and follow up with a high damage AOE attack.

Unique Drops[]


  • Activate Amplifier (NPC)
  • Captain's Pride (NPC)
  • Capture (NPC)
  • Dauntless Spirit (NPC)
  • Enhance Amplifier (NPC)
  • Severe Precision Cut (NPC)
  • Severe Weakening Blow (NPC)