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Icon emblem guard

Boromer is a Raider guarding the western entrance to the Aldelle Village. He is quite sociable, but he doesn't feel any sense of guilt for stealing.




"Seems those pesky Spriggs are sorting out their grain supplies again. Handy, seeing as our own supplies are running low.
We're getting ready to head back to, ah, share in their wealth, as it were. Let me know if you fancy coming along."
X "Will do."
With active quests
"Take your time, why doncha?"

Trivia Edit

  • Boromer was supposed to have different dialogue for players after they have ascended, but it seems it was never implemented. That dialogue should have been:
"Been a while, [Player Name]. How are the new wings? Itchy?
I see you've got yourself a [Player Weapon] there. Impressive! Good to know our Daevas get the best gear available."
X "Take care, Boromer."
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