Book of Prophecy
Book of Prophecy
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Book of Prophecy describes the future - perhaps....

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Book of Prophecy
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I stand at the end of time, yet aware of the before.

Generation to generation, members of my family (not Daevas) inherit an ability to sense the subtle undulations of Aether. It grants a unique understanding of Aion's essence, its flow between air and earth.

I cannot explain these sensations--not sounds, not sights, but awareness--a vague, ethereal impression. I hear the ponderous strength of life abiding in the ancient starturtle's shell. I smell the mythology hidden in the twigtips of the Elim. I taste the lightning vitality of the Sparkie's arcing wings.

Then today, I saw. I stood at the end of time and I saw. I saw the future and I must leave here.
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