Bollvig's Letter
Quest Item
[Spy] Letter to a Friend
Only one can be carried
Soul Binding Available
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A letter from Bollvig to Betoni. Double-click to read.
Reuse Time 2s

Bollvig's Letter is a letter from Bollvig to Betoni. Double-click to read.

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Bollvig's Letter
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I had never thought to hear from you again, old friend. It stirs shadows in my mind I'd long since thought forgotten.

Judging by the way you keep sending [Player Name] to seek me out, you must be worried. I would not trouble your mind, but I will not go back to Asmodae. The man you knew is gone.

I cannot forget her. She was my life, and in dying she condemned me to the same fate. My body may yet live, but anything more is illusion.

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