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Boliag is a monstrous creature from the netherworld, which forced its way into our dimension through the rifts spawned by the unstable artifact of the Trials of Eternity. It spawns in the Library of Insight and acts as the final boss of the instance.

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Boliag will then spawn, giving the group 10 minutes to kill it before it rages and wipes the whole group. Its skillset is rather simple, however due to the time limit, it requires high DPS. Positioning is key; all members will remain right below the boss at 0m, except for the main healer. The reason for this is that Boliag will spawn adds which will attack anyone who goes too near - to avoid additional damage.

Normal skills will include Macro type 1 <Breathtaking Beam> (straight line AoE attack in one direction), Macro type 1 <Bullion's Claws> (a fast attack usually used multiple times) and Macro type 1 <Chilling Fear> (a frontal AoE attack). The reason why the main healer is separated from the rest of the players is because of Fear Shriek I <Dark Mist> being used as well, putting all targets within 20m in a feared state. The healer must be standing outside of its range and cleanse that effect from others instantly.

The party will be required to move back up to 30m away from the boss when Earthgrab npc <Violent Snare> is used, pulling everyone in the platform, as the boss will follow it with Macro type 1 <Bullion's Claws>, being used several times in a row, potentially killing those affected. It is wise to use protective buffs as they run away.

A special ability will be Macro type 1 <Netherworld Eruption>. On the top right corner of the screen, there will be a small bar, "Netherworld Magic", charging up to 100%. Once full, the boss will release a powerful all-room wide attack. Macro type 1 <Netherworld Eruption> happens rather often, therefore healers must save strong heals or shields for it. Alternatively, it can be completely avoided by going to the back of the platform and jumping onto the steps when it goes off. However, due to the loss of time in which Boliag is not losing HP and the chances of aggroing the additional mobs, most groups will insist on taking the damage.

Players will notice the Immortal <Immortal> buff on Boliag right at the beginning, which will heal up by a significant amount if its HP pool reaches 10%. It is crucial to remove it. This is done by killing a special kind of add; Boliag's Tentacle, which spawns on the sides of the platform. This will open up a portal into Boliag's interior, allowing a person to destroy the Heart of Boliag. While inside, the person will receive a damage over time and will be locked inside until the person decides to die and resurrect back at the start and rejoin the rest of the group or a group member kills another Boliag's Tentacle, opening another rift.

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