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You found out that the spot marked on the <treasure mapA Treasure Map> was Carak's den. Enter the den, steal the treasure, and take it to Lindun.

Quest Information[]


  • Steal the treasure guarded by the <Carak>, then take it to Lindun.
<Black Opal> (0/1)

Basic Reward[]


Talk with Lidun to receive this quest. Travel to the nearby cave and obtain the Black Opal located within the Jewel Box (object). Carak Steeltooth is a boss located within the cave. Take the opal back to Lidun for your reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Let's take a look at this map...
Yep, that's Ishalgen. Look, here is the prison camp... and this is... wait, I've seen this map before.
A woman named Kirtai came through here a couple months ago. She said she was looking for a gravesite and had a poorly drawn map.
I told her to go to the graveyard if she was looking for a grave, but she insisted it was someplace else. For 200 Kinah I'd believe anything.
We never found it and she never came back, but she left the map. I kept it handy in case I saw her again.
Oh no..."
1.png "Try comparing the two maps."
"I can do better than that. This map is onionskin, so I can just lay it atop the other.
It lines up perfectly! The Black Opal - and the gravesite Kirtai was looking for - is in a cave just over the hill. The Lepharists are close, but their map isn't detailed enough to show exactly where to go.
There's one problem, though. You'll have to face Carak to get close to the Black Opal. We lost a lot of raiders trying to kill Carak, but I'm sure you can do it, [Player Name]! Imagine the treasure... the stuff dreams are made of!"


"Yes! We're going to be rich! Rich!
All right, quickly now! nab that pearl! Hurry to the cave, defeat Carak, and bring back the treasure from the cave!"
1.png "I'll be back--I hope."


"What?! But... we could be rich! You're the first [Player Class] capable of taking on Carak! You can't just run away because of... er... what happened to the others! Oh, leave then! I'll get the treasure myself or die trying. Keep that on your conscience, [Player Name]."
1.png "Good luck with that."

Reward Dialogue[]

"[Player Name] returns, bearing unseemly amounts of treasure!
Right? You killed Carak and brought me his treasure?
Tell me!"
1.png "Here's what I found."
"Give me that here!
What? This is it?!
This is a fake! I couldn't sell this in Aldelle, never mind Pandaemonium. Where is the power? The power!
All that trouble for nothing! I can't believe it. Keep the thing, [Player Name]--there's some residual magic in there. It's nothing to me."


Lidun told you that the spot marked on the treasure map was Carak's den. After entering the den, you killed Carak and brought the Black Opal back to the base.

However, after examining the Black Opal, Lidun handed it back, saying that it was a fake with only minor magic within it.