Big Vortex

Big Vortex

A Big Vortex can be extracted by a Daeva to yield aether.

Contains Edit

Item Extract Rate
Aether Crystal <Aether Crystal>65-80%
Greater Aether Crystal <Greater Aether Crystal>20-35%

Locations Edit

LocationLevel of Nodes
AsmodaeImpetusium,Altgard (100p)
Morheim Ice Fortress, Morheim(100p), (125p), (150p) and (175p)
Arkanis Sky Temple, Morheim(175p)
ElyseaEltnen Fortress, Eltnen(100p), (125p), (150p), and (175p)
Eracus Temple Cavern, Eltnen(175p)
New Heiron Gate, Heiron(175p)
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