Investigate clues at the Cantas Coast as requested by Alisdair.

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  • Xp 67,500 XP

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After getting the quest, go to the Cantas Coast and talk to Zephyros. You will find the Suspicious Odium Piece and Pile near the entrance to Haramel. Use the entrance to access Haramel, and then talk to Moorilerk.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"I'd been investigating two seemingly unrelated cases...only to find out today that they might be connected.
My first case involves missing Dukaki from the Dukaki Settlement. My lead suspects were the Krall...or so it seemed. My other case involves the underground distribution of Odella.
Two separate cases that...(whispering now) connect the Dukaki with the Skurvs. Someone is illegally producing and distributing Odium and Odella, and getting rid of anyone in their way."
1 "You have facts...proof?""
"Just eyewitness testimony and a hunch, [Player Name]. A big hunch, see. Someone big is behind this, because reports say that both Elysea and Asmodae are getting squeezed pretty hard.
And this latest report...this is what connected the two cases for me. Zephyros noticed something very suspicious at the Cantas Coast. If he's right, this goes beyond illegal Odium production.
Would you head to the Cantas Coast and confirm Zephyros's testimony? Keep your gleemers peeled for clues."

Accept Edit

"I've asked you to do this, [Player Name], because I don't know how high up the ladder this conspiracy goes, see. I can't trust anyone else with this information.
If you smell a rat in Zephyros's testimony, do what needs to be done. But be sure first. Be like the wind and leave quietly."
X "I'll follow the clues."

Decline Edit

"They've gotten to you, too, have they?
I don't know who I can trust anymore. Kinah quiets your lips.... I thought you were on the level, [Player Name]."
X "I'm just busy, Daeva."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"You're here because of my report, Daeva? How do I know you're on the level? I don't know if I can trust you...but if Alisdair vouched for you, then I guess you're all right.
I'll cut to the chase. The other day, I found something suspicious as I was patrolling the Cantas Coast. Suspicious Odium. Here...look. Looks like regular Odium, right?
Wrong! Dead wrong! Take a closer look.... This Odium was made to extract Aether! It's not the method the Krall use. Someone with juice made this...someone with Kinah. Big Kinah."
1 "You have a suspect?"
"No suspects yet, Daeva. That's why Alisdair hired you...says you're one of the best. Says you can find a ray of light on a moonless night.
I know there's more clues around the Cantas Coast, where I found the counterfeit Odium...the dirty Odium. I took <Notos> into my confidence, asked him to help.... Hope you have better luck than him.
Oh...wait. There's a Shugo named Moorilerk who lives in the area. He might know a thing or two about it."
1 "I'll have a talk with him."
After finding the Suspicious Odium Piece
(It's a green, glowing crystal with traces of artificial chemicals.)
(It appears to be the illegal Odium that Zephyros was talking about.)
(Take it with you for proof.)
1 "Damn dirty Odium...he's right."
After finding the Suspicious Odium Pile
(It's a green, glowing crystal with traces of artificial chemicals.)
(It appears to be the illegal Odium that Zephyros was talking about. Take it with you.)
(You see a glittering patch in the investigate the Haramel Secret Entrance.)
1 "Very interesting...."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"What the--nyerk!
Who are you, Daeva? How did you find Haramel?
Did <Gestanerk> send you, nyerk?"
1 "Spill the beans on Haramel!"
"Daeva is not acquainted with Gestanerk, then? You're not going to kill Moorilerk? Do not know anything, honest, Daeva!
You have been trailing Moorilerk, yes? How long now, nyerk?
Do not know anything about Haramel. Moorilerk will not talk to Daeva! We Black Cloud Traders do not disclose information about partners, nyerk. So beat it!"

Summary Edit

Alisdair was investigating two separate cases that involved illegal Odium and Dukaki. But both cases seemed to be connected.

He asked for your help, so you interviewed Zephyros, then investigated the Cantas Coast.

You saw a suspicious Shugo and followed him to a hidden place called Haramel. You asked for information, but he clammed up.

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