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Bielia is A member of the Reaper Squad in Baltasar Hill Village in Brusthonin. She has a scholarly interest in the contaminated ecosystem of Brusthonin.

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"Brusthonin is a tough place to live now, but even before the Cataclysm this area was a war zone.
The Red Sky Legion are the most famous casualties, but many Daevas gave their lives to keep the Balaur out of here. May Lord Triniel bless the souls sacrificed!
Sadly, Brusthonin was decimated in the Cataclysm. Nearly everyone was killed."
1 "What about the contamination?"
X "I've got to go."
"That didn't start until later, after people started to move back in. It didn't take long for Brusthonin to become a barren, inhospitable land.
Nobody knows for sure what caused the contamination, but I think the Balaur must have something to do with it.
We might never know...."
X "Blood for blood!"
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