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Beshmundir Temple map

Beshmundir Temple is a group instance for players of level 53 and above. It is an ancient temple occupied by Balaur, Shulacks, spectres and varied wildlife. Its entrance is located in Hope's Demise in Silentera Canyon. On the Fast Track Server, players may also find the entrance in Inggison Illusion Fortress in Inggison and Gelkmaros Fortress in Gelkmaros.

The instance offers two versions. Selected by the group leader in the entrance, it will determine bosses' attacks, defence and positioning of several monsters around the temple. By choosing the safer path, players can trigger the Normal Mode (referred to as BTNM), while the perilous path triggers the Hard Mode (referred to as BTHM). While the Normal Mode barely offers fabled drops from bosses, it is heavily used by players to gain XP while leveling during the last levels by soloing or duoing the instance. Meanwhile, Hard Mode has a chance to drop Eternal grade gear, which is commonly run by full groups.

Backstory Edit

The walls inside this temple have witnessed several stories and battles, filled with guilt, sorrow, and cowardice. Built millennia ago, it has been adopted by Tiamat's faithful legions as a prison for special inmates. From strong menaces like dragons who threatened a Dragon Lord, to pesky opposers. It is also used as a stronghold to store several riches.

The Laksyaka Legion guards the entrance and the deepest chambers inside. Acting as guards, they prevent anyone from freeing a strong ghost, the spirit of <Stormwing> , a dragon who once opposed Tiamat. After having been defeated, Stormwing was imprisoned in a fragmented dimension within the temple, sealed and protected by powerful Balaur mages.

Guards share the crypts of this temple with dread spectres. Some are friendly, as their anger is channeled to the ones who killed them, mainly Tiamat's forces; others are blindly following their master, Stormwing, hoping he would be once more freed from his prison; remnants of the invading legions, still faithful to the Dragon Lords, deceased from the battle. However, other rotten ghosts have made their objective to leech the life energy of Daevic souls. Tortured by them, they cry for help in the world of dreams.

Several opposers to the Balaur occupation still remain here. Other than Daevas, elemental spirits once fought bravely, hoping to save their home. Knowing divided they would not do much, various spirits merged together to merge together and shape <Flarestorm> , a guardian. Efforts were useless, as they were defeated and imprisoned, lamenting as they are forced to work in the incinerator hoping to be freed as well.

Shulacks have also established here. They have gathered in an internal garden within the temple. Originally infiltrating the temple wishing to acquire valuable loot, they have allied with the Balaur inside in order to obtain a central base for the Nightshade Clan.

Due to suspicious activities being conducted inside, as well as being a crucial part for their advancement into Tiamaranta, Daevas will face several strong enemies inside. They have made it their objective to prevent a mysterious summoning ritual, as well as aid those in need.

Walkthrough Edit

After venturing inside, players will find themselves in Beshmundir's Walk, a small corridor, with a few Laksyaka underlings guarding it, leading to the Gate of Repose. This chamber branches into three doors.

The door on the opposite side of the room follows the main path. It will be opened once the boss in the middle, <Captain Lakhara>, is defeated. During the fight, this mighty warrior will use Conqueror&#039;s Strike <Conqueror's Strike>, a skill which deals damage on the target as well as reducing the effect of healing skills and items on it. He will also gain the Seal of Victory <Seal of Victory> buff drastically increasing evasion rate of physical attacks. Only in the Hard Mode version, when low on HP, Lakhara will start casting Certain Doom <Certain Doom>, which will one-shot the target selected. This is the place where damage dealers must burn him down fast enough to avoid the death of the tank.

The other door on the left leads to the Watcher's Nexus. However, it will only contain a boss after finishing a task further inside the instance.

The remaining one, the one on the right, can only be opened if a player has the appropriate quest for it, Tango quest icon The Truth Hurts [?] (E)/Tango quest icon Summon Respondent Ultra [?] (A), requiring the player to use an item inside. <The Soulcaller> guards this place. This room is completely optional, avoided by most groups nowadays. This door leads to the Ocular Chamber. Being a simple quest monster, this encounter should not result very difficult. However, players must watch out for certain abilities. The Soulcaller might use Punishment <Punishment>, a reflecting shield skill, or Curse of the Legion <Curse of the Legion>, an AoE skill which induces fear to its enemies.

Proceed to the Twisting Passage and then to Acheron Mire. This room branches as well into three different pathways. On the left and right, two hallways, The Vault of Conquerors and the Crypt of the Vanquished. Inside each room within the hallways there is a <Warrior Monument>, which once destroyed will make a message to appear saying "Ahbana the Wicked is on alert". When enough are destroyed, it will be indicated by the message "Ahbana the Wicked has spawned in the Watcher's Nexus". Going back to the Watcher's Nexus, players are now able to confront <Ahbana the Wicked>. This spectre's most notable skill is Weeping Curtain <Weeping Curtain>, which renders all healing effects ineffective. It is cast often, leaving only few seconds in between for the healer to heal its group members. Additionally, small <Soulforms> will be released. Once killed, they buff group members, however most opt to ignore them.

Back in The Vault of Conquerors, it is swarmed with spirits of Balaur who invaded the temple. There are two bosses at the end of it. One of them in <The Plaguebearer>. This slime is most usually avoided as it is mostly a quest boss. During the fight, it will use skills which will poison the group members. It will also summon several <Plaguebearer Fragments>, additional monsters which should be slain.

Beyond the Plaguebearer, the spirit of the brigade general of the legion awaits. <Vehala the Cursed> continually casts Implosion <Implosion>, an attack which stuns all targets in range. Following this skill, for a few seconds, Vehala will stay still for some seconds. Along this, he will cast Powerful Strike <Powerful Strike>, an attack dealing a good amount of damage. Like The Plaguebearer, this encounter is usually skipped.

Following the Crypt of the Vanquished, players will eventually reach <Manadar>. Due to being a Ranger, his main attacks are traps being thrown at different targets. He uses Explosion Trap <Explosion Trap>, dealing damage, and Shock Trap <Shock Trap>, inducing a knock down status.

The remaining path from Acheron Mire is talking to <Plegeton Boatman>. This will start a 6 minute countdown. During that time, players have to slay as many Daeva souls as possible and take down <Temadaro>. There are three islands, in which many of these souls are. Additionally, there will be Brutal Soulwatcher, which must be defeated in order to proceed to the following island. The more spirits freed, the weaker the following boss turns.

In Macunbello's Refuge, <Macunbello> awaits. This encounter should be ended as soon as possible. If the fight takes too long. this spirit's skill might cause trouble to group members. Most importantly, next to the door, two additional monsters may spawn dealing a good amount of damage. They should be either defeated or ignored to take down the boss. Additionally, he may force a target to enter a fear state and use Devour Soul <Devour Soul>. making him invincible for a brief moment. 

Following the Twisting Passage players may opt to head to the Forgotten Storeroom and confront <Shadowshift>. This Obscura is most usually avoided as it only serves as a quest boss. The fight ends quite fast, else special monsters will appear to aid the creature. Following the same hallway, players might slay <Thurzon the Undying>, a second boss which does not present much difficultly. Once this Drake is defeated group members may head back to the main path. 

The next part is The Hero's Vault. This wide transept is guarded by immobile and inactive Balaur states on both sides which will become vulnerable and aggressive if the group walks between them. On the other end, Daevas will face the following boss: <The Great Virhana>. Preventing anyone from passing, this gatekeeper should be burnt down as soon as possible as Virhana&#039;s Curse <Virhana's Curse> will deal plenty of damage to players around him if the fight lasts too long. During the encounter, Virhana will keep the Seal of Reflection <Seal of Reflection> buff which reflects long-ranged attacks. Players can counter it by remaining on melle range. He will also use Massive Strike <Massive Strike>. an attack which may put more pressure on the healer due to its considerable damage. 

Once the guard is down players may head to the next section: The Garden of the Dead, infested with small bugs and plants which can be easily avoided by sticking to the wall. Players may stick to the left wall to reach The Garden of the Entombed, where <Dorakiki the Bold>, head of the Nightshade Clan, is stationed. This boss may present some trouble, mainly since she will lay six different debuffs on the tank. All together will cause a drastic decrease in attack speed. movement speed. increase casting time and several effects. She might also use Time Wrinkle <Time Wrinkle> which, for one second, will make her enter into basic stealth, requiring players to re-target her. 

By sticking to the canyon's edge, players will return to the main path. Although optional, <Flarestorm> in the Blue Flame Incinerator, is highly sought after. Players may fight this boss if at least one group member is in possession of the Incinerator Key. This elemental spirit does not pose a greater challenge. When low on HP, he will summon Calamity, a small additional spirit which should be removed. 

Nearing the Courtyard of Eternity, players must take out <Taros Lifebane> a mounted soldier which carries the key to the door. In Normal Mode. he will only use Frantic <Frantic>, a buff which significantly increases his attack speed, when his HP reaches 10%. Meanwhile, in Hard Mode, he will have this and a second one, Fear (NPC) <Explosion of Wrath> (increasing damage inflicted and attack speed) during the whole fight. Most groups try to stay at a close distance to him as any movement might result in him resetting. Whenever the buffs are active, players should try to take Taros as soon as possible, making it a dps race

After Taros has been freed and the gate for the final section of the instance is open, players must make their way through several of Laksyaka's guards. If players are needing the different protectors (Protector Pahraza, Protector Dinata, Protector Narma and Judge Kramaka), they may be found in the four chambers, which can be opened by looting the corresponding keykeepers patrolling around. 

Steping inside the Ritual Chamber, players will catch a glimpse of their next enemy, <Isbariya the Resolute>, the ruthless mage captain maintaining the seal into the Ice Prison. At the start of the fight, players will need to watch over his two attacks: Seething Explosion <Seething Explosion> (which can be avoided by receiving the buff from the blue colored Divine Artifact) and Arcane Combustion <Arcane Combustion> (avoided by receiving the buff from the red colored Magic Artifact). At 75%, he will transform one or two group members into a ghost with the ability to see enemy spirits walking towards Isbariya. The player must stop them by auto attacking them, since if they reach the mage, they will give him a shield and heal him. At 50% several servants will spawn, indicating he has used Tiamat&#039;s Chaos <Tiamat's Chaos>. They deal considerable damage when they reach a player, and since many will spawn at a time, they will wreck havoc among group members. Players should try kiting them around, as they may head towards anyone who produces aggro. On the last part of the fight, at 25%, Isbariya will become enraged and combine previous attacks, making it imperative to finish off the fight as soon as possible. 

Once done, players can interact with with the orb behind Isbariya's corpse, which will open up the portal to the Ice Prison, where the last boss is imprisoned. <Stormwing> will use several attacks, but the ones which should be watched out for is Threshing Wind <Threshing Wind>, an AoE skill which will stun all players around him, and Midnight Wind <Midnight Wind>, putting a debuff on all frontal targets. Players must keep in motion as during the fight he will summon moving twisters which will roam around the area, causing a bleeding, decrease in movement speed and Aether's Hold states. The amount of twisters intensifies as the fight advances. Nearing the end, he will begin using Dragon&#039;s Quake <Dragon's Quake>, which acts like a stronger version of Threshing Wind <Threshing Wind>, and Voltaic Storm <Voltaic Storm>, buffing Stormwing's attributes. Combined with all his attacks thrown every few seconds, this fight might be a challenge for most groups. 

Once the dragon has been taken down, players may loot it for all its desired rewards. Players may use the portal which spawns to return to the Ritual Chamber, and the teleporting seal next to the door to reach the Beshmundir's Walk again. 

Rewards Edit

  • Stormwing's eternal armor and weapons (HM only)
  • Flarestorm's eternal weapons (HM only)
  • Beshmundir fabled armor
  • Named fabled weapons
  • Underground Temple heroic armor
  • 22px Coffin Accessory of Beshmundir

Trivia Edit

  • This instance used to be part of the final campaign quest for Inggison and Gelkmaros. For Elyos, the Aetheric Field generator protecting Tiamaranta from attacks is in the Watcher's Nexus. In the same place, Kumbanda was hidden here before being taken by Tiamat's troops.
  • By finishing a quest line which takes place here, players would unlock the fifth Greater Stigma slot.
  • To access Stormwing, players were required to finish another quest line requiring to kill the optional bosses in the Ocular Chamber and the Forgotten Storeroom.
  • When it was first released, <Dorakiki the Bold> would fight alongside another Shulack, <Fixit>, and a Krall, <Chopper>.
  • To access <Isbariya the Resolute>, players used to have to take down the different protectors in the Courtyard of Eternity, hoping for a box to spawn containing the key allowing them to pass to the Ritual Chamber.
  • There has always been a myth that drop rate is crippled if a player loots the 22px Lakhara Ring from <Captain Lakhara>.
  • The player being transported through the Acheron Mire to free dead souls could be a reference to the tale of Charon in Greek mythology, a spirit who transported newly dead souls through the river Styx, separating between the realms of the livings and the dead.
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