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Berserk Anomos

Berserk Anomos is a legendary-grade world boss that sometimes appears in Lakrum. When he spawns a message will be broadcast on the server, and an icon will appear near the Shaded Pine Forest to denote his location.

Besides being a prime source of Cubicles and Ultimate Kibrium <Ultimate Kibrium>, he also offers victors a chance at some very valuable loot. As of such he is one of the main activities Lakrum has to offer, and is highly sought after by both factions.

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When Berserk Anomos spawns both factions will attempt to lure him into their faction's camp, were the NPC guards will offer protection against the opposing race. Players will typically use Seed of Transformation <Seed of Transformation> to transform into a Guardian General, and while a few will lure the boss into place the others will keep the enemy faction at bay.

Since the Cubicles are shared loot it is recommend to make several alliances and unite these in a league beforehand so that everyone can collect their spoils and roll on the other drops. The Ultimate Kibrium <Ultimate Kibrium> are acquired from the boxes that spawn on the ground after the boss has been defeated, and likewise are shared drops.

Berserk Anomos itself is a rather straightforward fight. His skillset is shared with the other Balaur Fortress Deities, the only difference being their names and animations. It includes Earthcleaver (Macro type 1 <Cut>; AoE frontal attack), Stun altered state <Searing Scream>, Twisting Chains (BA) (Fetters; AoE frontal pull) and it's follow-up Macro type 1 <Shock Wave> (Annihilation).

A new addition is Ultimate Offense, which is the main skill players should watch out for. This skill functions similar to Macro type 1 <Mean Trick> in that will mark a large area on the ground within ~30 meters of the boss, which will be hit by a delayed AoE attack after a few seconds. This skill inflicts very heavy damage and can one-hit lesser geared players, so players should make sure to stay out of the marked area. The damage incurred from his other skills can be mitigated by attacking the boss from behind and with heals.

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