Beritra's soldiers, fully occupying regions like Katalam and Panesterra. Introduced in 4.0, they will confront the player in almost every instance and area around Balaurea.

Characteristics Edit

They follow Beritra's orders, bow to the Dragon Lord wearing his colors with pride, black and blue. Similar to Beritra, they have bluish skins. Unlike Tiamat's, who mounted Pagatis, this army uses certain artificially strengthened tog-like creatures as mounts. However, some higher ranked commanders may use dragons instead. The Beritran army is also seen deploying previously unseen weapons, such as a modified rifle and war drums. Retrieved samples would later aid in the development of the Songweaver and Gunner classes.

After Tiamat's demise, several survivors were recruited. Although they still wear their old armor, they have been recolored to show their loyalty to the Dragon Lord of Darkness.

They are present in every region of Katalam and other parts of Balaurea. They have also set foot and claimed other alternative dimensions and parts of Reshanta.

Recently they were pushed to the outskirts of the Upper Abyss by Ereshkigal's legions. Their sudden collapse surprised the Daevas. Nevertheless, Asmodian and Elyos forces still see them as possible threat.

Unlike Tiamat, Beritra possesses no hate towards sapiens. He is willing to recruit them if needed on his search for power. This is shown in Raksang Ruins or Drakenspire Depths, as his trained minions are following his orders.

History Edit

Conquering Atreia Edit

Tiamat had managed to control Katalam, Danaria, Idian Depths and Levinshor through sheer force. However, her troops were easily defeated by Beritra's forces after the loss of their leader. Several remnants, scattered throughout Balaurea, voluntarily joined the team with the upper hand. They were accepted by Beritra, and, along the rest of the soldiers, were ordered to slay anyone who opposed to their advance, whether it was Elyos, Asmodian or their own kin.

Organization Edit

Tasks vary greatly, from defending fortresses around Atreia, to guarding weapons of devastating power, pursuing and defeating Tiamat remnants, gaining intel, and invading regions.

Legions Edit

Beritra's army, like others, is organized in legions which are entrusted with different tasks. Nonetheless, it presents units, small subdivisions which are deployed for even more specific missions.

  • Pashid Legion - Beritra's largest group, divided into countless units which fulfill a multitude of tasks, like guarding Infinity Shard and Ophidan Bridge, assaulting the Eternal Bastion and Illuminary Obelisk, protecting secrets in research laboratories, etc. Led by Grand Commander Pashid.
  • Beritra's Fang Legion - Guarding Danaria
  • Beritra's Talon Legion - Guarding Katalam
  • Beritra's Fist Legion - Occupying and guarding Idian Depths, hunting down Tiamat remnants
  • Sheban Legion (Intelligence Unit) - Group of researchers, investigating about Ide and how to utilize it in their favor. Also conducts experiments on living test subjects. Seen in the Sauro Supply Base and Danuar Mysticarium among others. Led by Brigade General Sheba.
  • Varga Legion - Tasked with the destruction of Kamar and conquest of Kamar Battlefield. Led by General Varga.
  • Ahserion Legion - Protecting the Transidium Annex. Led by Ahserion.
  • Beritra Legion Devil Unit - Organizing and executing Beritra's invasions around Atreia.
  • Nachtish Legion - Advancement into Cygnea and Enshar, aiding Ereshkigal's servants on freeing their master
  • Beritra's Special Drill Corps - Occupying Raksang Ruins and training creatures as troops
  • Zunewgishe Legion (ancient) - Drakan legion commanded by Beritra in the attack against Brusthonin. Defeated by the Red Sky Legion, continue to wander the area as undead in the present day.

Other legions, like the Baranath, Naduka and Vasharti, were formerly part of Tiamat's army. However, they have allied with the Beritran soldiers following the death of their leader.

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